18 Of The Most Hilarious Tweets About Growing Up With Desi Parents

By Kashaf | 27 Oct, 2017

Ahhh desi parents. Becharay are so cute yet so controlling. They can’t ever let go of their instinct to judge you and monitor each and everything you’re doing but they love you uncontrollably, all at the same time.

Growing up with desi parents is fun and here are just some of the moments that anyone who’s grown up with desi parents will definitely relate to:


1. They make their own rules and don’t care what anyone thinks of them


2. They have some of the most savage insults for their kids


3. Their sarcasm is ON POINT


4. It’s the worst when they drag you to their boring dinner parties


5. Even worse when they have an after party at the door when they’re saying khuda hafiz


6. It’s brutal when they’re never happy with your achievements

No matter what you do in life, they always think that you should be doing more.


7. They treat you like a baby until you’re married… and even AFTER that too


8. You can rarely be truly honest with brown parents


9. They have unrealistic expectations


10. God save you from your ammi’s wrath you if any desi aunty catches you hanging out with the opposite gender


11. They’re hilarious when sending you text messages


12. From a young age they will gently force you to be a doctor


13. The long discussion you must have before going out anywhere


14. So you resort to lying about all your plans


15. They’re constantly reminding you that you need to get married


16.  Kahanhophobia is real and here’s what it is


17. They think that once you have kids you’ll totally understand their ways


18. At the end of the day, they would do anything for you


Ain’t no parents like desi parents.


cover image via: Hum Network Limited

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