15 Intense Struggles Only A Hijabi Girl Can Truly Relate To

By Malaika Tahir | 21 Dec, 2016

People think your life is just so easy, no worrying about hairstyles and bad hair days, no dealing with straighteners and curlers or caring about oily hair but only hijabis know that it’s not unicorns and butterflies. There are struggles, there is blood and sweat that goes into wrapping your hijab to perfection and finding a hijab pin on time and you do have bad hair days. Quite a few of them.

Here are a few things every hijabi can definitely relate to:


1. The moment you take off your hijab, you are greeted with disaster

Sometimes straight out flattened hair and sometimes all over the place

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2. Drooling over cute earrings and necklaces and then realizing they won’t really show

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3. Having to look for the perfect necklace that will be long enough to surpass your hijab

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4. When other girls go and on about how doing their hair takes the longest, you just sit there like…

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5. But then you realize that all the time you save from not having to do your hair is spent on pinning up your hijab flawlessly

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6. Sometimes you just suddenly have a good hair day but you can’t flaunt it in front of your girlfriends ’cause hijab

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7. You don’t really have to care that much about dirty hair 😉

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8. You have to think twice before moving a lot so you don’t end up messing your hijab

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9. Sometimes you find leftover food in your hijab while removing it

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10. Your hijab pins will decide to hide at the time they’re most needed

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11. You look at other girls who look fly AF in hijab with inspiration

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12. When you feel like experimenting with all kinds of beautiful things for your hijab but you chicken out

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13. Every time you have to do wuzu, you have to pin up your hijab all over again



14. You often wonder how you’ll pull off a hijab on your wedding day and then you look at other hijabi brides and you know you’ll rock it 😉

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15. Despite the struggles and the advantages, you just love being a hijabi because you know hijab looks supa’ fly

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