Here’s Why This Chaotic Teen’s Hilarious Family on Netflix is So Relatable

By Aam Nawab | 3 Sep, 2023

There’s something about being able to resonate with a Desi character and if it’s a comedy series with many of those characters available on Netflix, it’s definitely a lot more fun.

Never Have I Ever highlights a South Asian girl’s struggle to become popular in an American high school

This humorously strong-headed girl does not shy away from doing anything that helps her achieve the target. Throughout the series, you will find her doing what she never planned to do and later apologizing in innocently funny ways that will surely make you want to go back to high school and live like Devi for a while even if you’re way older than her. But as it won’t be possible for some of us now, why not watch the fun-filled sitcom on Netflix that truly represents empowered South Asian women?

What makes the show interesting might not just be Devi’s character. The Desi aspect of Devi’s family just like our very own Pakistani families will definitely make you laugh uncontrollably and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we are divided by borders, united by problems.

Kamala, Devi’s cousin, can be called Kamli as well for all the rebellious things she does

Kamala portrays an absolutely relatable bond between the cousins which is just adorable. Although Devi doesn’t appreciate her Indian cousin staying at her place to complete her Ph.D. initially, the sisterly love they share after staying together is so wholesome. Moreover, their dance at a wedding is a must-watch in order to remind us of all the dance practices we did with our cousins and had a blast.


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will have you all in fits


Breaking the stereotypes while being the typical Daadi is so rare, however, Nirmala Vishwakumar effortlessly does it in Never Have I Ever. She’s a smart Daadi who invested her money in Apple when it was still a rising company. Do you want to know the reason? Well, because it sounded cute. Nirmala, like all Desi Daadis, also dances despite complaining about her old age.


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Nalini might seem rational but not throughout the series

Devi’s mother Nalini is probably the best character as she ensures to make Devi follows her cultural norms throughout the show but also supports her daughter unapologetically when someone tries to play with her daughter’s life.



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“My mom doesn’t tell me how to live my life, Megan Thee Stallion does.”

I think, y’all already know who’s lying.

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Author: Nisma Saeed

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