Here’s What Your Weekly Horoscope Says About This Week For You | 26th November – 2nd December 2018

By Nai Dulhan | 26 Nov, 2018

Hey everyone, we’re back one more time with your weekly horoscope. Let’s jump right into it and find out how your week will look between 26th November to 2nd December 2018.



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If you’re born under the zodiac sign of Aries, the starting of the week will be a bit of a struggle for you as you will be trying to pull and push your way through the days. Everything will feel like a heavy burden and the sunshine might not make you as happy as it usually does. With all the stress and tension on your mind lately, you probably won’t feel like interacting with anyone either. Yaar, khush raha kero, sehat ke liye acha hota hai. However, by the middle of the week your pur purzay will start coming out and you will be like a blooming flower, growing your petals in all unexpected directions. Woot woot!

Thursday seems to be a good time for a new friend to enter into your life – someone who will make your flower blossom a little bit more perhaps? Ayeen hyeennnnn. The end of the week looks nice and sunny as you’re shaking off the sullen feelings from earlier in the week and trying to look and feel your best. The weekend looks very promising but make sure that Saturdays are spent at home. Sunday ko app party party party kerna.



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Aye Taurus! Relax will ya? It seems as if your emotions are all over the place right now. Earlier in the week you might feel moody AF and just extremely sensitive to everything. Chill ker jiggz…dil pe nahi lena khuch. The middle of the week will look like things have started to settle down but your financial situation doesn’t seem like it will be at its best at this time. For this very reason, if someone talks about a very attractive financial or money making plan, it would probably be wise to delay it a little or ideally, not indulge in it at all. Doesn’t look too good bruh.

You will feel like you are a different person until you reach the end of the week – it happens sometimes. We all feel unreal and just plain old weird. Good thing is that the weekend looks promising in terms of meeting with friends or family and sorting out your professional issues as well. Good luck.



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Wowzers! Crazy brain alert or what? The start of the week looks like it will give you some super natural powers of detaching yourself from your own emotions and moving on with things in a rather mechanical manner. Do you realize that this means you probably will have 100% control over your emotions and impulsive reactions? How super cool is that? You are going to be thinking logically and observing every fact, every detail and absorbing it. But we all know that everything in real life doesn’t work with logic and precision. Not everything has a rational reasoning attached to it; keep that in mind.

You will feel this whole new aura around you by the middle of the week as well, as you will probably be getting along rather well with everyone around you – even people you don’t know that well. We don’t know what it is, but you might as well just blame it on the hormones. Just like all good things come to an end, Friday seems to bring you back into your own groove and well things might start getting a tiny bit bumpy again. Thankfully by then the weekend will be around the corner and trust us, it looks pretty good from here.



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The week before you looks like a puzzle. If someone asks you what your favorite color is, chances are that you probably might not be able to answer this question. With so much information around you, EVERYTHING IS JUST SO COMPLICATED. Even the smallest decisions or issues seems to be blowing out of proportion this week as the uncertainty is putting you off track and you just won’t be able to focus. Scene too heavy.

The middle of the week will highlight even bigger issues in your life. Brace yourself and be prepared for whatever comes your way. Friday will be more about lounging around and just being lazy because hello, the week was crazy enough to drain you off of your energy. The weekend looks more relaxed – be sure to unwind and just chill.



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You’re all about taking the hard road and accepting challenges this week. Easy peasy lemon squeezy ka koi mood nahi hai apka. You want to go to the bottom of things this week and find out ke scene exactly hai kya. The week will kick off with you being in a full Sherlock Holmes mode. You will be all about asking questions and analyzing every angle of the puzzles before you. Ooo, CID yaad aa gaya.

By the time it is the middle of the week, you will have a more holistic and larger perspective of things (thanks to all your detective work) and just get into it with full force and confidence. No one is going to be able to mess with you because you have it all covered. Towards the end of the week, your personal life will experience some big things. Romance and love is in the air and things look pretty good.

Friday is all about taking care of your own, personal self, even if it means being a little egoistic. You will be under some scrutiny on Saturday so try to lay low and discreet. Don’t get into a clash with anyone as it will ruin your day. Be happy, be positive and just move on if anyone hurts your feelings.



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They say that curiosity usually kills the cat, but then again, they also say that it is curiosity that has led to many inventions and discoveries. People, this week, you do just that. You go ahead and be curious. The start of the week demands you to be more probing and more interested. The good thing is that your ability to think critically and read between the lines is pretty strong at the starting of this week and this very curiosity and restlessness will come in handy for you. Whatever you have on your mind, don’t be afraid to let the other person know. Communication is the key this week.

The middle of the week seems pretty busy and intense for you, but your family has a whole other agenda planned for you. Don’t worry though; you will have plenty of time to yourself at the end of the week. Give attention to your romantic life as well while you’re enjoying me time. Sunday seems to be relaxed and stress free. Good luck!



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This week is all about the money, the cha-ching. Obviously we know there is more on your mind as well, like your future and your savings and all the things that you own, and what to give and what to keep. Ugh the list is endless. You gotta be generous but you gotta save as well – how does one decide the balance? These are the million dollar questions that will probably keep you up early on in this week.

The middle of the week however seems better as you stop thinking money and will probably indulge in some well deserved fun with yout close friends. The rest of the week will have you thinking about the past and back to future once more. Pro-tip, take it slow and one day at a time. We won’t even make it alive at the end of it all, then why worry?



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Guys, if last week was shitty (yeah, we all have one of those here and there), this week you will come out as stronger and feeling like a new person. You are stepping into the new week, stronger and respected than you have felt in a long time. Aww, izzat kisko nahi achi lagti? And trust us; the confidence looks great on you. You feel fresh and ready to take on the world – bring on that daig o’ biryani.

Yeah it all looks great early on in the week but hold your horses in the middle of the week when you might be pushed into doing stuff you wouldn’t normally be up for doing. Slow down and ask yourself if your morals and principals allow you to take this road. Friday comes with a knock of sense into your head and you will be back to yourself esteemed and self controlled version again. Saturday and Sunday, just let loose and party away.



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It feels like your life is running like a movie this week. The drama, the exaggeration – it is all there. But guess what, you’re one confused lead in this movie. You don’t know your lines and those action sequences make no sense or relevance to you. Abay ho kya raha hai? There will be too much going on at the same damn time and honestly it will be a little hard to keep up. This would probably be a good time to cancel any plans that stretch you too far and are stressful to follow rather than help you relax.

By the middle of the week your schedule already seems super duper tight with all the lazy TV time and “me” time that you will probably decide to treat your tired self with. We all need those days! The weekend looks promising in terms of indulging in some music and art therapy. If you meet someone who wants to know what you want to do with your future, be nice and answer them instead of rolling your eyes at them. It helps to have a purpose and goal. On Sunday you will be inspired by someone else’s life goals and might even consider adopting them yourself. Overall, tough week! Good Luck.



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Guys, if you are in the mood to take some big decisions, try to wrap them up within Monday and/or Tuesday. But beware, even in this time; don’t entirely judge on the basis of your gut feelings. Sometimes it benefits to take someone else’s opinion on things. Moreover, you have a ton of information that you need to process and pay attention to. Pro-tip: Organize, organize and organize!

The middle of the week looks rather daunting as your plans seem to be going live and basically, results will start pouring in any time. It is normal to doubt yourself in this time as you’ll feel pessimistic, stressed out, anxious and sometimes even negative. Too many emotions for one person to handle aren’t it? Slow down buddy! By the end of the week, things will have probably fallen into the right place and you will soon sit back and enjoy the compliments that you receive left, right and center. Don’t let the success get to your head and remain humble – it will pay off.



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Okay so word of advice for the start of this week – take things slow buddy. It will give you time to think and reflect on what lies ahead of you. The more you reflect upon your actions, the more thoughtful you will be and will be in charge of your emotions. But hey, the good thing about this is that your thoughts will lead you to the deepest, darkest chambers of your brain and you will understand what you want and what is going on. Hmm, very interesting.

The middle of the week will have you become nothing less than a social butterfly that is surrounded by people you love and cherish. Friends, family and loved ones will be all over you and it will feel great! Friday is a big day professionally and career wise, so play your cards right. The weekend will bring some of the best surprises or times you have ever seen in the longest time.



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You know you’re a complicated being. You know it. There are things you can live with and manage with, but then there are other things that you just cannot allow yourself to do. For this reason, early on in the week you will probably have to define some boundaries and limits. While others might find this funny, or even offensive, but people who know you, will stand by you. There will be times that you might feel regret and question yourself, but don’t worry, these moments will pass soon enough.

The middle of the week seems good for you, especially Wednesday and Thursday as they show you in your happy place. Even by the end of the week your good luck charm wouldn’t have run out and you will probably want to share the happiness with everyone. This will probably make you realize the big dream you have in your life. You’re a dreamer buddy, never stop dreaming big.

Sooo, what’s your week lookin’ like? Let us know in the comments below and good luck!


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