Here’s What Your Horoscope Says About Your Week | 22nd October – 28th October

By Nai Dulhan | 22 Oct, 2018

Hello frenz, future dekh lo. Aunty Najoomi in the house people! Let’s see what your horoscope says about your week between 22nd October to 28th October 2018.


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If you’re an Aries, you’re in for some serious kuttyapa which involves you getting buried under a million and one problems which might include some gharelu politics or just you trying to swim in the deep end of the swimming pool, without knowing how to swim (metaphorically of course). Don’t worry though, this too shall pass and there will eventually be a happy ending for you. BUT only if all the parties involved realize that this was a learning experience that should not be repeated again.

This week you will also be able to find an item or an opportunity you might have lost a while ago, so keep your fingers crossed. Money seems to be coming in your way this week but not with ease. Moreover, a certain man in your life will indulge in a conversation with you that might lead you to have a conflict with him in terms of your personal life. Hmm, interesting. Long story short, this is one of those weeks which basically define the future for you. Reality checks and tears might be part of the parcel – be easy on yourself. Good luck!


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If you’re a bull, this week might start with unpleasant news that you might receive about someone you know, although you might get this news a little later due to a lack of contact with the people involved. During the course of the week, you will have a pleasant meeting or a news that is related to a certain female in your life. This female might belong to the star sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, and will be fruitful to you. Higher than expected expenses is a possibility this week so spend wisely and carefully. Women in your life will bring pleasure to you and you will spend some quality hours with them, discussing your future plans and making peace with the past.


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You are entering into a week that is full of major events, decisions, and changes that are related to education or care for a new child in the family. There is a possibility that a certain person might need your help in setting up a new venture or business for themselves – be kind and oblige them. During this week, your workload related to your domestic commitments will increase in terms of solving domestic problems, preparing for a new season or just setting up your home.

This might be the cause of your stress which will be physical or mental in nature, emotionally draining you either way. Due to these reasons, there is a possibility that you might not be able to finish off what you planned for the week. Travelling seems like a good idea for you this week as it might unravel good events and experiences with people who live far away from you. Star signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn will add positivity to your life this week.


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Hey crabs, this week is all about commitments and conversations regarding your domestic and property related affairs. A certain man will come or be expected to step up into the scene to help you out in this aspect. Don’t make plans that you can’t deal with as this would mean stretching yourself too thin. Although this will probably be due to someone breaking a promise or you being busy with other, unexpected commitments, it is still advised that you take a deep breath and only throw yourself in things that you can handle with your sanity intact.

People born under the star sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces might disappoint you in any way – don’t lose heart, they too are human. Travel plans seem good and promising if you decide to go on a trip with your friends. Positive emotions will flow here and there when you get in touch with long-lost relatives this week, so make sure you’re on your best behavior. Don’t forget to have some fun!


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Hey lions and lionesses, this week will start off with some important talks about your finances. The possibility of sealing a pending contract or agreement might come into play and you might gain exposure to new financial gain avenues, a better job or any other money-related agreements. You will be wiser and smarter in terms of your money spending abilities, which is good because that means you will be able to handle your finances in a better way. New problems and troubles might bother you suddenly during the week – it’s okay, it happens. Just keep swimming, because the solution will be in front of your eyes in a couple of days. Good luck!


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This week will kick off with love, love, and love in the air. Romance with a new or existing partner will bloom and you will generally be in a good mood to start the week. You will be willing to go the extra mile to make your partner happy and cheerful – this will make your inner light come out as well. As for your relationship with friends, you will get a chance to step it down a little and give all those happening conversations and plans a rest, especially with a certain person in the group.

Your personal well-being is also something that you should focus on this week, because if you’re happy, you will be able to take care of other people in a better way. Career-wise there might be an episode of conflict and tension which will result in you talking to your manager or seniors. Be careful though – choose your battles wisely. You will also have an urge to splurge your money during this week but hold your horses and stop yourself from spending too much! The struggle is real people.


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All you October babies, this week will bring delightful events that you have been waiting for since the longest time. Long awaited news, a pending document or that meeting that you have been preparing so hard for – it’s finally going to happen people! Good news will be related to people born under the star sign of Aquarius, Gemini or another Libra person. Some of this goodness will happen to those you are closest to you – maybe your family or your partner. You might receive a small amount of money in an unexpected turn of events. How cool is that?! So it is pointless to stress over money and finance this week – live a little, breathe a little and plan your expenses a little. Hehehe.


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People, this week starts off with you getting an opportunity to meet new people from your friends and professional circle as well. Your work relationship with a certain man is going to bring you some form of luck. So play your cards right and keep your game up. Your deadlines and commitments will wrap up with certain women in the scene. Don’t worry, this is good news and you should make the most of this development. Be careful about your financial situation as there is an equal chance of a win or lose situation in this regard. Due to this uncertainty, temporary stress might arise for you. Some important decisions related to your male family members are going to put you in a tight spot, but stand firm and be confident in your decision. Good luck!


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People, this week you have to realize the difference between real life and fantasy, especially if it means keeping your expectations from an upcoming event, changes or decisions, pretty low. By all means, we’re not saying that things won’t go your way, but your emotional and impulsive reaction to things might ruin it for you. Hmm, something to think about now isn’t this? Try not to travel with a close friend or relative as you may get the urge to let your inner feelings out – which doesn’t seem like the best idea right now, especially if you want to stay away from unnecessary drama, which might, by the way, stem from your bud.

For all the lovers out there, there is a possibility that an argument or negative action by a partner might lead you to blow things out of proportion. Long story short, it seems like your week is going to be a stressful one, and that stress is going to seep into the other aspects of your life.


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This week kick starts with an urgent problem that needs to be addressed ASAP. Either it could be something related to home maintenance, or an issue with your family – you have to hustle and get those problem-solving skills into play. This week you will also be expected to resolve problems that arise due to financial issues. This could mean tasks related to transfer of money, taking care of a financial document or arranging for due payments etc. Certain men of the family will hold special importance in your life this week as they will help you out in figuring out your financial commitments. Gotta keep those moneyz safe folks.


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This week starts off with you being put in the spot to make a quick decision about a certain child or a young person. This could also mean helping out emotionally and financially. The week looks good in terms of things going your way and opportunities knocking on your door – use these opportunities wisely and try to avoid your useless chalaakiyan to manipulate situations and people as this will not go down well for the end result of something that you have been waiting for a long time.

News about a certain woman in your life will greatly upset you or hold you back from being positive towards her. Easy tiger, easy. Aquarius men will have a chance to gain some money from an unexpected source while the women will have some surprises in terms of news that they have been waiting for eagerly. Good luck!


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For the fish out there, your week will kick off with trouble in the pond. Conflicts and confrontations with close relatives or friends will throw the relationship off guard. Tsk Tsk Tsk, not good! Your friendly relationships will be put through some major trial because of a tough stance you need to take on a pending issue. You will also be exposed to unexpected kharcha and costs which will put you in a tight financial position. Taking a purposeful trip will probably lead to disappointment as the results will not be what you expected them to be.

As for your love life, there will be times of turbulence but generally, stability will be maintained as you and your partner will be able to solve your issues before any damage is done from both sides. Pisces ladies will probably be emotionally unstable as they are desperately looking for a positive change in their life, while the men will experience a crazy romantic rendezvous with a woman from another location or nationality.


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