Here's What Last Night's Snow Supermoon Means For Your Zodiac Sign

By Maryam Khalid | 10 Feb, 2020

Last weekend’s snow supermoon could have impacted your zodiac sign. Here’s how

Hey there, astrology fans! Just when you thought you could get over solar and lunar eclipses, the universe is presenting you with another awe-inspiring phenomenon, the snow supermoon. This February, we witnessed the first supermoon of 2020 in the form of last night’s snow supermoon.


What is a ‘snow supermoon’ anyway?

It’s called a ”supermoon” because the moon is orbiting in close proximity to the earth. And the “snow?” Well, that’s because it is snowing almost everywhere at this point in time so they just mean it’s a supermoon during snow lol. In 2020 there are 13 full moons, two supermoons, and a blue moon due. So, a lot of divine miracles to keep you transfixed.


The moon over this weekend appeared full for about three days, from Friday evening to Monday morning, making this a full supermoon weekend. The supermoon will appear in the sign of Leo.

So let’s see how this tremendous energy is going to affect your zodiac sign, shall we?



Full moon cycles are periods of release. So Aries folks, release yourself too. Shed all of your burdens, worries, and anxieties. Let go of all the negative energy you’ve been holding for too long. Make room for positive vibes. Don’t let any of your worries put a full-stop to your life. You can do it.





Like a supermoon illuminating the darkest nooks and corners, use your capabilities to find your long-lost strengths and skills. Focus on bringing the best out of you. Don’t hesitate to grab the leadership positions. You have got that potential, that can turn heads and drop jaws. You just have to re-discover yourself.




Since you’re the epitome of two different personalities co-existing within you, flaunt the better one. Make peace with the fact that you can be impulsive, indecisive and analytical at times. You don’t need to hate yourself for that. Instead, take time out for your beloved ones. Cherish every moment with them. Nature can make you realize how precious it is to be with the people you love.




You might not have jotted down your resolutions with the start of the new year. Well, who does? But, you may want to utilize this opportunity to straighten your future goals. What do you want in life? What lengths do you wanna go for your goals? And what are your dreams? This may sound overwhelming, but it can help you out in the long run. It’s never too late to sort your life out.





Leos are at a great advantage with the supermoon being in their sign. You stand for fire. You are a sign of fiery wills and iron determination. You’re ambitious, generous and confident. Don’t let anyone change that in you. Accept the responsibilities that the universe has laden you with.




Hello, there perfectionist peeps! It’s a great day for you to look forward to your future plans. Allow yourself to leave your toxic past behind. This may be a new start for you. Bring out every journal and planner and start jotting down what you need to do. These activities will give you the peace of mind you need so badly. We don’t promise, the supermoon does!





Maybe it’s a great time to cultivate your relationships. Re-kindle the lost friendships. Celebrate your victories amongst your loved ones. Work out the balance between your professional and social life. Allow yourself the liberty to enjoy the simplest joys of life with friends and family. You won’t regret a moment.





Scorpio folks, you need to watch your wallets. So, let’s consider your finances. Go through your earnings and budget. Start considering investments. Meanwhile, don’t forget to invest in yourself too. Cultivate hobbies. Enjoy nature. Read good books. Your insights will pave new ways for you.





Let’s take a break. Let’s shout ”I am on a Break” for a while. Working so hard and long will only take a toll on your physical and mental health. Take some time out for yourself. Plan the next trip, away from all the stuff that keeps you on a move. You deserve this and you’ve earned it.





What’s the point of waiting around? Go out on that spontaneous trip. Ask out your crush. Confess to that one person. Life is not waiting around for things to happen. Make them happen yourself. Make memories of a lifetime!





Use this opportunity to express gratitude for all the people you have in your life right now, to all who make your life worth living. Forget about all the people who are no longer involved in your life. Prioritize people who are happy for you and who help you to grow.





A self-care on a day like this cannot go bad. Absorb all the positive energies that the universe is throwing your way. Remind yourself to look after yourself. Take care of your physical, mental and emotional health. Cut out the toxic things in your life. You definitely deserve some pampering. The supermoon approves this.


So, this is how this supermoon is going to influence you and your zodiac sign.


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