Here’s How The PSL Started Online Even Before The First Match Even Began

Here’s How The PSL Started Online Even Before The First Match Even Began

We’ve all picked our favorite teams. We know who we want lifting that trophy at the end of the series. And we sure as hell know how to defend the teams we love (and obvs make fun of the ones we don’t). While MangoBaaz had it’s version of the City War before it was cool, desi Twitterati has lost it while trying to one-up each other! The social media battle has been going on ever since the teams were announced, and it only got more intense as the opening ceremony began. Here are the tweets that have made our night, so far.

Disclaimer: please chill out because it’s all fun and tweets (or is it?)


When they said what most of us were thinking

When they knew that our Pathan boys were all about the love ♥

When they were possibly bitter about Islamabad winning PSL2016

When they acknowledged Islamabad as The-City-That-Must-Not-Be-Named

When they knew that Lahoris have to take some form of panga or the other

When Nine-Zero made a special appearance

When they didn’t realize that Lahore ka naam hi kaafi hai

When nobody knew that everyone secretly always supports Quetta

When the love for PSL was just too much to be said in words

When this joke just had to make its way to this year’s PSL, as well

And this one, too

But this guy came and made it even funnier

When they were hating on the Lahore Qalandars’ kit

When the stage was being Qaim Ali Shah and refusing to go…

And when people refused to believe that Fahad Mustafa could host anything other than Jeeto Pakistan

When they knew that it’s not just cricket we hold close to hearts

And JJ was not the only legend we heard of

And if Nusrat says something, we follow without question.


No matter what happens, cricket is making its way back to Pakistan and it feels gulab jamun good. The final is hopefully in Lahore and, in every sense of the word, seeti bajey gi, khel jammey ga. Tweet safe.


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