Here's How Romantic Your Bae Really Is, According To Their Zodiac Sign

By Ramsha Bhatti | 12 Oct, 2018

Is your romantic life real according to the zodiac signs? Let’s find out

Love is an essential part of relationships. Equally essential is romance, which is a medium for expressing one’s love for their significant other. In that case, it won’t be wrong to say that the ruling planets bless certain zodiac signs with the gift of being romantic, allowing them to woo their partners; while there are others who lack in this regard. While all zodiac signs are loving, caring, and romantic, some of these signs have it easier in terms of embracing and executing their gift.

So here is a list of the zodiacs ranked in accordance with how romantic they are, starting off with the most romantic one. Let’s see if your romantic bae has the zodiac backing, shall we?



Pretty sure Giselle from the movie “Enchanted” was a Pisces. People born under this zodiac are hopeless romantics, the ones who believe in fairytale romances. Hardcore and hopelessly in love, a Pisces is bound to make their partners feel the most valuable person on the planet because they know how to show love. Their love for love can even influence others to believe in the notion.

romantic zodiac pisces
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The inherent sensitivity in Cancerians makes them an easy target for Cupid’s arrow of love. Cancers are known to be caring and extremely affectionate which allows them to try their best to make their partners feel loved because that is something they understand. Love is the only most constant thing in the life of a Cancer, one which they search for in every person in their lives. Their vulnerability in terms of love often makes them sensitive to heartbreaks but that does not stop them from falling head over heels in love every time.

romantic zodiac cancer
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The perfection-crazy Virgo may find it hard to find someone to give their attention and affection, but once in love, these perfectionists know how to spoil their significant others. Their need for finesse in every aspect of their life compels them to make their love life picture perfect, which means every day is filled with signs and acts of love and affection towards their partners. Virgos, contrary to popular belief, usually adapt to fiction style love and treat their partners with roses, candlelight dinners, or gifts.

romantic zodiac virgo
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In this internet age, Capricorns can offer an old-school love. Capricorn finds love to be something of great importance and they believe in having concrete relationships. So if you’re dating a Capricorn, expect a marriage proposal to pop out of nowhere anytime soon. They have a lot of love, loyalty, and commitment to offer – something which is extremely hard to find these days. While bouquets, petal showers, candlelight dinners may not be their aesthetic, Capricorns offer a much different and necessary form of love: one which houses support and growth.

romantic zodiac capricorn
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While an Aries might not be as outgoing in love as one would like, they still can be pretty darn sweet in the love zone. They are old-school romantics who believe in showing rather than saying so be ready to be wooed. An Aries’ idea of romance revolves around trying to find new and surprising ways to make their partners feel loved, while they may actually be really, really subtle. Long drives, candle-light dinners, or just a plain old heart-heart convo is how an Aries tries to romance and love their partners.

romantic zodiac aries
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Once with the right person, a Taurus will be over the moon and head over heels in love. Their calm and patient nature allows them to suppress issues and fights and makes they know how to make their partners feel wanted and respected. A Taurus will put thought into everything they do: their dates; the food they make for their partner; the presents; the time spent. You may even find them making a scrapbook with all of your favorite memories as a couple.

romantic zodiac taurus
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Being with a Leo would be like having a never-ending date. They will take you on adventures; help you make new friends; like a cheesy rom-com. They will show you what it feels to be feeling the heat in love, although this kind of love might not be what some people need. Stability and calmness are not traits of Leos and neither can they offer that when they are in love. They need constant growth and development and they will wish the same for their partners.

romantic zodiac leo
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Sagittarius folks are usually extremely overprotective of the people they love. On the contrary, they will be their partners best friend and will do whatever is in their power to keep them happy: be it a 2 am run to McDonald’s for an ice cream. However, the problem arises when it comes to expressing love verbally. Sagittarians are usually perceived to be unromantic because they do not sen poetic texts or write ballads for their S/Os. Well, they don’t even send one of those chummy good morning texts as they believe in actions rather than words.

romantic zodiac sagittarius
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Now we will be moving to the other side of the spectrum where all the less romantic signs lie.


Just because they are good at flirting does not mean that they will be equally romantic. While a Libra loves flashy gifts and flowers, for their aesthetic Instagram photo, they may not return the favor. Flirting allows for a Libra to enjoy the rush of being in love without the commitment and when it’s actually time to commit, they may falter. A Libra can be extremely demanding when in love and may need constant reassurance, but when it’s time for them to return the favor, they usually flee. This means no lovey-dovey texts for a Libras partner too, sorry!

romantic zodiac libra
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While a Scorpio is extremely loyal and devoted, they are as equally possessive and jealous when in love. Some of the times this possessiveness can be a little too difficult for their partner to handle and, hence, Scorpios tend to keep their feelings to themselves. Their tendency to not overshare and over-express prevents them from helping their partner understand how much they are loved and they often lack in terms of being romantic as a consequence.

romantic zodiac scorpio
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While this sign is great at making friends, they lack in the love section. People born under this zodiac are extremely temperamental and do not fancy the idea of co-dependence. Even though they may like someone a lot and may even try to sustain a relationship, they will eventually yearn freedom and break it off. Relationships with this zodiac are tough where an Aquarius will usually talk about how they miss the old time, with little effort being put into making their partner happy, so there is not much romance.

romantic zodiac aquarius
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While people usually rave about what great and fun friends they are, Geminis are not well-versed when it comes to showing love. They are usually aloof and evasive and their idea of romance is usually very self-centered. They would love to make their partner experience things which they love, often killing the idea of romance. Moreover, they usually just like to do things for an adventure and don’t like the idea of romance, which means a social but loveless relationship.

romantic zodiac gemini
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Despite all of this, let’s remember that love and relationships take time and effort. Romantic life is more than just your zodiac sign, regardless of how much impact your zodiac signs can have on your lives. Let us know if this helps you understand your partner better, though.


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