All The Awkward Things That Happen When You're Out With A Girl Who's Not Your Girlfriend

By Arslan Athar | 6 Apr, 2017

She’s not your girlfriend but the world still thinks otherwise

Larka aur larki saath saath restraant mein? Date pe hongein!’ 

Yes because the only reason a guy and girl even hang out together is because they’re dating. Brilliant soch hai aapki. Itnay narrow minded aap kaisay hotay hai?’ 

Seriously going out with a platonic friend is impossible and well even if you do some interesting things happen with you and here’s a quick run through of them.


1. Asking for a table leads to weird glances from the waiters

‘Yes a table for two.’

The waitress looks at you both intently, and checks out your outfits. It’s like their trying to figure out if its a first date or a last date, let me answer that for you, it’s just freaking dinner.

Source: Deenga


2. All the staring uncles and aunties will make you feel like you’re doing the walk of shame even though she’s not your girlfriend

For some reason the only table given to you requires that you pass all the uncles and aunties to get there. Prepare for all those judge-y glares. Wohoo.

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3. You will be the center of the waiting crew’s gossip without even knowing she’s not your girlfriend

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4. Some waiters might even give you extra attention because they think you need to make a good impression on your date

Well, you don’t mind the extra attention, tbh.

Source: Deenga


5. People on the tables near you will often be caught giggling or even staring making you and the lady who’s not your girlfriend feel just a little bit awkward

Please look at your own food, thank you!

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6. When giving the order the guy will be expected to order for the girl, just ’cause

She can manage herself, not like she’s my girlfriend or anything

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7. They will especially ask your table if you like the food you’ve been served unko kiya pat she’s not your girlfriend and you don’t need to impress her


Source: National Foods


8. God forbid you see anyone you know because even though the girl is not your girlfriend but khabar woh foran aap ke ghar tak pohncha dein gae

Hope they don’t see you, and if they do they’ll either give you a ‘I disown you’ stare or a ‘LOL’ stare. The latter is better always, but still avoidable.

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9. All the waiters’ staring may even start making your friend a little uncomfortable

Source: Shalimar


10. Taking selfies or ‘food snaps’ will only reinforce your relationship in the eyes of the people around you

Via: Tumblr


11. You ask for the bill and the waiter brings it to the guy

The give the bill to the guy because yeah, he’ll pay! Well she ain’t your GF and you’re not filthy rich so guess who’s splitting the bill?

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12. Oh and all this while, they will still think of you two as a couple

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13. Just because it wasn’t awkward enough, the beggar outside the restaurant will say “Allah jodi salamat rakhay

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So boys and girls, duniya ka toh kaam hai kehnaAur aap ko awkward karna. If you keep worrying about what the world says, you will never be able to do anything. So choose whoever you want to be friends with and don’t worry about the others.


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