13 Of The Most Irritating Moments Only People Suffering From Anxiety Can Relate To

By Iman Zia | 9 May, 2017

I suffer from pretty serious anxiety. At most times it can get pretty bad (and very, very awkward). Anxiety makes it hard to function, and boy oh boy is it an absolute nightmare when you’re facing social situations. Anxiety is a dominating force that takes control of mind and body. I’ve experienced so many cringe-worthy situations because of having anxiety and instead of hosting a lil pity party, I’m going to talk about the funny side of having anxiety.


1. You’ll panic at the smallest things. Literally the smallest things.


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2. If someone you care about doesn’t reply the way you want them to, you’ll almost want to bang your head on the wall

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3. Life is a constant battle of trying to avoid sweat trickles down your face.

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4. You will have a mini heart attack at literally every single thing in life.

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5. Over-analyzing every situation and almost tearing out your hair in the process is a norm.

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6. You’ll chew your hands off when you’re on an anxiety high.

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7. You’ve given up going to sleep before 3 a.m. because your thoughts ain’t done with you.

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8. Insecurity is like a best friend that’s ALWAYS at your doorstep.

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9. It’s actually a lucky day if you’re able to say a complete sentence without fumbling when you’re anxious.

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10. Every time you don’t hear from a friend, you will literally think they’re dead.

…Lying in an abandoned shed being consumed by rabid dogs…

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11. You absolutely hate confrontations. At. All. Cost.

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12. What starts as a minor thing can end up being existential crisis for you within an hour.

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13. You have an evil twin living inside you, constantly telling you that you’re not doing things completely right.

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LOL. On an actually note tho, all we want is a little extra love and reassurance. Just to keep anxiety at bay.

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