Here's Everything We Know So Far About Feroze Khan's Shaadi That Has Taken Instagram By Storm

By Arslan Athar | 21 Mar, 2018

So, you all probably know by now that Feroze Khan is getting married. If all the Instagram updates and pages giving you obsessive updates on the actor’s impending wedding, as if it’s the event of a lifetime, wasn’t enough, we’ve decided to compile it all because we love you so.

There’s been a lot of mystery from the actor regarding who he’s married. Actually, the family has kept the entire shaadi shebang under wraps.  As would be expected, this being the age of social media (and consequently, no privacy WHATSOEVER), there are some details that are slowly emerging about the wedding.

We thought we’d put all that we’ve found in one place because let’s be honest- it’s a bit confusing.


Yesterday, Instagram really went crazy as pictures of Feroze’s wedding cards went viral 

Source: @instant_lollywood / Instagram

It was alongside these pictures that major magazines in Pakistan broke the news that Feroze’s wedding is arranged and that his to-be bride, Syeda Aliza, is from Karachi. Personally, there’s been a bit too much tamasha around this fact. All that truly matters is that the couple are happy at the end of the day- right?


Since pictures of the wedding cards really added fuel to the fire of the wedding hype, Feroze took to Instagram to ask everyone to chill out a little bit. 

Source: @ferozekhan / Instagram

The actor had said in earlier interviews that he would like a low-key wedding which he could really enjoy with his family and close friends. It seems like he didn’t expect such a massive interest in his wedding 😛


Some of the Feroze Khan fan pages have really taken their quest to unearth more details to a whole new level. 

Source: @ferozekhannews / Instagram

Many are saying that this picture of Feroze, Humaima and Gohar Hayat (a famous choreographer) proves that wedding preparations are well on their way, and that dance practices too have begun in full swing.


Friends of Feroze have started celebrating the wedding already and wishing him and his wife for the future


Curiosity levels have clearly reached a whole new high- some Instagram accounts found his fiance on the app.

Sadly for them (and us, tbh) she has a private account 

And well, that’s probably for the best, actually.

Source: @divemagazine / Instagram

As the wedding date looms closer, public interest, especially on social media, will most likely only increase! Tough luck, Feroze.

Here’s hoping all goes well during the wedding, and may the couple have a happy married life. We shall keep you posted if there are any interesting developments.


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