If You're In Karachi And Sick Of Going To The Beach Every Sunday, Here's What You NEED To Do

By Alia Eva | 29 Jan, 2017

Okay, it’s obviously not just the beach that Karachi has to offer. You probably have paragliding and surfing on your bucket list but here’s something you NEED to add right away – turtle hatching.

Yeah, turtle watching is a therapeutic experience where you can go to the Turtle Beach. The Wetland Areas are protected by WWF to allow mama turtles to nest and lay eggs safely; the tours are arranged by WWF themselves.


Here’s a hatchling ready to be released into the sea.

Fun fact: Their eyes are closed, they have inherent instinct for them to go straight to the sea when they hatch

Source: Alia Eva

These marine turtles or Samandari Kachu, are found in oceans and their habitats include sandy beaches. They’re an endangered specie unfortunately and their nesting habitats are also in critical danger, no thanks to humans of course.


Here’s a mama turtle who had just come to the shoreline to lay eggs.

Source: Alia Eva


 And here’s a mama turtle nesting ^_^

Source: Alia Eva


Marine turtles’ nesting behavior can be observed during the nighttime.

This is a marine turtle burying the laid eggs protectively. Like a true protective parent.


So, if you’re planning to go, here are the TOP THREE TIPS you need to keep in mind

1. PLEASE, don’t get all junglee and make a lot of noise because it scares the poor creatures.

2. Avoid holding the hatchlings if you’re thinking of throwing them in the sea or playing with (yes there are people who do that).

3. And most importantly, realize that they’re living things and not just something you go for entertainment, it’s a learning experience if you allow it to be.


Oh look, here’s  the mommy turtle returning back to the sea after laying eggs.


If you live in Karachi and haven’t done this and happen to visit Karachi during their egg laying season, schedule in a tour ASAP because this is something you just don’t want to miss. The miracle of turtle birth is only one quick plan away.


Cover image via: aryzauq.tv

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