Here Are 13 Of Your Favorite Pakistani Celebrities' Very First Tweets

By Arslan Athar | 6 Mar, 2018

Recently we put together some of your favorite celebs’ first Instagram posts, so the next obvious shift was to see what they tweeted for the first time. So here you have, a complete list of some Pakistani stars and their first tweets:

Let’s begin with Pakistan’s sweetheart, Mahira Khan 

Source: @themahirakhan // Twitter

Meesha Shafi started her journey by celebrating cricket and winter 

Source: itsmeeshashafi // Twitter

Qural Ul Ain was done with social media quite early on 

Source: @Quralulainb // Twitter

Fawad Khan celebrated khoobsurati 

Source: @_fawadakhan_ // Twitter

Osman Khalid Butt had a film critic phase 

Source: @aClockworkObi // Twitter

Hamza Ali Abbasi started out on a political note 


Source: @iamhamzaabbasi // Twitter

Saqa Qamar was kept waiting, and she hated it! 

Source: @s_qamarzaman // Twitter

Mehwish Hayat was basic like all of us

Especially when it came to her first tweet

Source: @MehwishHayat // Twitter

Humayun Saeed showed us his swagger 

Source: @iamhumayunsaeed // Twitter

Armeena Khan was working just as hard as she does now at the time of her first tweet

Source: @ArmeenaRK // Twitter

Atif Aslam was blissfully unaware and baffled by the media 

Source: @itsaadee // Twitter

 Ahad Raza Mir wasn’t able to decipher how to tweet

Source: @ahadrazamir // Twitter

Ali Rehman Khan was having IMDb issues 

Source: @alirehmankhan // Twitter

What did you think of all these ‘first’ tweets? Maybe you should look back at your tweet history and find some of your own!

13 Pakistani Celebrities And Their First Instagram Posts Vs Their Latest Ones


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