13 Intensly Heartbreaking Moments For Everyone Who Loves Food

By Sarmad Amer | 12 Jun, 2016

Have you ever had your hearts broken? It doesn’t always have to be in the sense of a love story. You could have your heart broken if you were planning to eat at your favorite restaurant but it shut down, or if you were saving that last piece of chocolate cake but your brother ate it.

These folks have had their worst heartbreaking moments, and they’re sharing it with you.


1. When sirens take away your hosh-o-hawaas

And your water.


2. When you think about that amazing nihari you had last week


3. When your favorite restaurant stabs you in the back


4. When your biryani decides to throw you a surprise you don’t want


5. When food does it yet again


6. When your clothes eat more food than you do


7. When you’re scrolling instagram looking at sexy pictures of goray people eating food that you know is haraam


8. When you have a bae who is always critical


9. When it’s your ami doing things to your favorite food, this time


10. Sab se barra heartbreaking moment toh ye hai:


11. When you face the most desi food problem ever


12. When you’re the lady of the house and food is your responsibility


13. When this is basically what your relationship with food is all about


What are the most heart breaking moments for you?


Cover image via: Zem TV Official / dailymotion.com


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