This Is What Your Hawai Firing To Celebrate The Champions Trophy Did To Innocent People

By Momina Mindeel | 20 Jun, 2017

Pakistan won the ICC Champions trophy this past weekend, that too against India. Most of us were super ecstatic and in our state of ecstasy, did things (dancing awkwardly, crying relentlessly and shouting at the top of our lungs) that might have been a little embarrassing under normal circumstances. It’s all cool though since they didn’t really hurt anyone.


This gentleman from Karachi thought it was a super cool idea to openly start air firing in the middle of a crowded road

Just because the idea excited him or made him feel macho. I mean who knows?!?

CELEBRATION: PPP Member Aman ullah Masood opened air firing on Pakistan's win at Champions Trophy against India. Police didn't take action against him.#PPP #INDvPAK #CT17Final #Karachi #TimesOfKarachi

Posted by The Times of Karachi on Sonntag, 18. Juni 2017

It is being said that the man in the video is PPP Member Amanullah Masood and while he was out there openly air firing, the police did not take any action against him.

What was one person’s idea of celebration could have easily become the reason behind another person’s death (I have no other subtle words to say it, it is what it is).


According to a Facebook page, College Of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan LEAKs, 9 gunshot victims have been received at JPMC Karachi (Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center) during last 12 hours.

#Urgent_and_important This could be you or ur child. Share for awareness Dr. Sumera mahar writes from Karachi…

Posted by College Of physicians & Surgeons Pakistan LEAKs on Sonntag, 18. Juni 2017


Unfortunately, even a cursory glance at Pakistan’s gun culture can back this claim up. 

According to DAWN news, “some estimates suggest there are between 18 to 20 million firearms in the possession of civilians in Pakistan.” The number is super alarming and it is evident by the video that people aren’t even afraid to show off their weapons.


Back in 2013, a man named Muhammad Sikandar opened fire in the heavily policed heart of Islamabad. Surprisingly, he reached there after slipping past a number of capital’s checkpoints. The entire city was handicapped while he stood there demanding the imposition of Islamic law in the country for so many hours.


The list of such incidents go on, unfortunately. 

Source: Aamir Qureshi


According to another report by Human Rights Commission, 81 people were killed in the aftermath of stray firing in Karachi in 2013 alone. 

These figures keep on increasing withe every passing year. It is even more unfortunate given aerial fighting is prohibited in every part of the country and the law enforcement agencies don’t seem to be doing anything in particular about it.

Why can’t we just celebrate and rejoice as long as you do not snatch away innocent lives? All we are asking for is some good governance and a careful attitude on the part of citizens.


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