Haw Haye, Amir Khan's Blaming His Post-Breakup Partying On His Ex Wife

By Iman Zia | 7 Aug, 2017

“It’s wrong that she’s using this all against me and saying that I won’t let you see your daughter…she drove me to do this.”

It really is a never-ending saga, and the plot is only getting all the more convoluted. After both Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom both individually took to social media to express their remorse over their separation, citing various differences that catalyzed what was an inevitable downfall.  Amir Khan has been in Dubai amidst such a crisis and took to Snapchat to clear the confusion a few days ago regarding the alleged ‘hacking’ of both their social medias, as claimed by ex-wife Faryal.


Last night, a video surfaced of Amir Khan ingratiating with an unknown girl at a party

Source: mirror.co.uk


He took to Snapchat the next day to apologize for his behavior in a series of snaps

He wanted to apologize for his behavior yesterday, and went on to say that it’s what Faryal “drove” him to do; “they’ve taken my daughter away from me, she’s in New York and they’ve taken her away from me.”

Source: @amirkhanboxer/Snapchat


He might have been alluding to that certain video that has been circulating the internet whereby he was ingratiating with a woman at a party

He said he wanted to let himself go, and said not to use it against him; “I was so frustrated with what’s going on and I’m sorry for upsetting you all.” He said that the divorce is going through, but he isn’t happy with things. That’s why he went out – “otherwise, I’m not like that.”

Source: @amirkhanboxer/Snapchat


While Amir’s daughter is in New York, Amir Khan commented that he would be leaving Dubai soon. What do you think of Amir’s latest Snapchat story?

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