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Pakistanis, Here Are 17 Things You Can Hate On, Other Than Malala Yousafzai

Pakistanis, Here Are 17 Things You Can Hate On, Other Than Malala Yousafzai

Pakistanis, Here Are 17 Things You Can Hate On, Other Than Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai evokes a lot of emotion here in Pakistan. Some are good, and some are pretty nasty. The poor girl made a twitter account aur log kaafi pagal hogaye thay. ‘Malala Hate’ was everywhere!

So Pakistan, rather than hating on a 19 year old girl who you’ll probably never meet in your life, divert your hate and anger towards these things/situations:


1.Chicken Steak

Steak sirf beef ka hota hai. If you don’t eat beef, then sorry you don’t have the right to call a chicken fillet, a steak. Please.

Source: Fir Fodder

2.Flooded roads after a little baarish 

Baraan E Rehmat, yeah right. More like Baraam E Zahmet. Rain is awesome, there’s no greater joy in a Pakistani’s life, but the moment you need to get out of the house- uff tauba. 

Source: Dawn

3. Loadshedding

Let’s be real. This has been going on for a bit too long now, hasn’t it.

Source: Deenga

4. Those empty promises for the loadshedding ki khaatma

Why raise the hopes of the nation, only to crush them so cruelly. This is really where you should be focusing that ‘Malala Hate’ at

Source: Deenga

5. Those constant messages by your service provider

*phone dings*

‘Yay kisi ne mujhe yaad kiya’ 

‘Oh’ *dies alone*

Source: Deenga

6. Traffic jams in general 

Getting anywhere can be such a hassle sometimes

Source: IndiaTimes

7. The super nosy neighbor wali aunty

This ain’t your home, this ain’t your family so please go away. But no, she will stick around, observe everything you do as a family, and gossip about it.

Source: Tenor

8. The fact that you can’t eat out because pata nahin gosht bakray ka hai ya guddha ka

(Uniquely Lahori problem, but still COME ON)

Source: Dreamworks

9. Groups of really creepy men that you encounter sometimes 

Source: Deenga

10. People who don’t like chocolate 

Such people cannot be trusted. Ever.

Source: CollegeHumor

11. Long lines at the supermarket

Source: Deenga

12. The darzi not giving you your clothes on time

Source: Danish Ali

13. The nayee not shaving your beard properly. 

Phir tou sirf clean shave ka option rehta hai 

Source: Giphy

14. When restaurants offer you Coke instead of Pepsi 

Why you do this. I want Pepsi- simple si demand hai.

Source: Dharma Productions

15. When the ATM near you doesn’t work 

Source: Deenga

16. The fact that Aamir Liaquat still has a TV show 

Yup, that deserves more hate than Malala for sure.

Source: IndiaTimes

17. PTCL 

‘Nuff said

Source: PTCL

So, do you still hate her as much?

Cover Photo Courtesy: The Buffalo News

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