Hassan Minhaj Just Tried To Convert Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau To Islam And It Was Awkward

By Rameeza Ahmad | 5 Sep, 2019

Hassan Minhaj almost converted Justin Trudeau… almost.

Hassan Minhaj is every desi’s dream big brother. At least he is mine. With his show on Netflix, Patriot Act he can tackle big issues that he sees as important.


In the latest episode of his Netflix show, Hassan Minhaj interviews one of the most popular world leaders of current times, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Now, our love for Trudeau is no secret. I mean, the man’s face was on Pakistani truck art. That alone should tell you how much people love him.


The dude also wishes Muslims on every Eid and Ramazan

Source: Justin Trudeau / Facebook


And he dresses up desi and pulls it off like a model tbh

Via: Dawn


So I guess, seeing all his love for Muslims and desi people, overall, Hassan Minhaj tried to shoot his shot with Justin Trudeau

Through the use of clever word-play Hassan gets the Prime Minister to say that he accepts Islam and then Hassan translates the Kalma and asks him if he believes what it says but Justin Trudeau just smiles and reiterates the fact that he is a proud Catholic.


Hassan then looks into the camera and tells everyone he tried.


Thanks for the attempt Hassan. We appreciate you!

Source: notey.com

But while this was a lighthearted moment on the episode, it wasn’t all fun and games. The episode meant to highlight the two sides of Canada. How on paper Justin Trudeau was the perfect Prime Minister but his government was facing various scandals that were directly in opposition to everything they claimed.

This included pressuring and then demoting his Attorney General after she did not back down from a corruption charge against a major company. And funding a huge oil pipeline project that not only endangered the environment and directly went against Trudeau’s promise to keep climate change as a priority but also ignored the wishes of indigenous people in Canada.

The episode was a great watch and Hassan ended his interview with Justin Trudeau by asking him not to have trade ties with Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, he got no response.


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Cover Image Source: Netflix

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