This Harry Potter Themed Shaadi Ka Proposal Is The Most Extreme Fan Moment You'll Ever See

By Hurmat Riaz | 25 Jun, 2017

Harry Potter fans are notorious for incorporating Harry Potter in every other thing in their life so that they can display their unconditional love and loyalty to the fandom. Fans buy merchandise, do Harry Potter themed events and whatnot to keep the magic alive.


Harry Potter fandom is STILL going strong, dare we say maybe stronger than ever

Source: Heyday Films


And this Potterhead couple just had the most intense fan moment, the dude proposed Harry Potter style

Meet Ali Bali and John McLafferty who just got engaged, Harry Potter style. Congratulations to them.

Source: Ali Bali/Facebook


But they did it someplace magical, one that really, really matters to every fan of the movies

*I feel you, guys. I feel you*

Source: Ali Bali/Facebook


If only there was the Hogwarts Express tooting by, too



This is located on Glenfinnan viaduct which is in Scotalnd *in case you’re having ideas*

Here’s a little background for people who don’t have enough Harry Potter world understanding: It’s the site of Hogwarts Express that was used in the films. I know right? He chose such an appropriate place to propose! It’s literally the place where the magic started for the boy who lived.

Source: Heyday Films


But back to the proposal. John went one step ahead and presented the ring to his lady love in a Snitch


Source: Ali Bali/Facebook


John deserves a round of applause because he was also very thoughtful here as the Potterheads know what it signifies.

Source: Heyday Films


And just look at Ali, the bride with her ring and box, she is beaming.

She looks like she had a sip of Felix Felicis.

Source: Ali Bali/Facebook


The couple also took some memorable magical photos at the location

I mean, c’mon. As every Potterhead knows, you can’t not take some wand wali photos at any Harry Potter location you go to.

Source: Ali Bali/Facebook


People are going gaga over this proposal

Via: Facebook


Some are even asking their bae to re-propose them

Via: Facebook

Others are becoming borderline obsessive with this having become a benchmark to meet

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People are also sharing their Harry Potter themed proposals *_*

Via: Facebook


Looks like this site is popular to pop the question

Via: Facebook


Here’s wishing the happy couple all the magic in their life above and beyond Hogwarts.

Source: Ali Bali/Facebook


Also, good job John. Harry approves.

Source: Heyday Films


How will your propose? Do you want a Harry Potter themed wedding.

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