Singer Haroon Shahid Just Made A Very Inappropriate Remark About Violence Against Women

By Bisma Rizwan | 4 Aug, 2018

With the #MeToo movement making waves all around the world ever since its inception in October 2017, plenty of women have come forward with their experiences with harassment.

In the Pakistani industry, the most recent scenario has to be Meesha Shafi vs Ali Zafar harassment case that is currently undergoing legal trial. Following Meesha’s accusation, many women came forward with their own experience, and the debate has been going on ever since. While we see growing empathy towards the ones who have experienced abuse and harassment as time goes on, there are some who apparently just didn’t get the memo.


Verna star, Haroon Shahid, in a recent tweet decided to make a casual joke regarding violence against women and basically took a jab at the Me Too movement while talking about a female journalist

For those of you who don’t know who Gul Bukhari is, she is a columnist and a Pakistani journalist based in Lahore. She has been known for writing outspoken criticism for the Pakistani Army, and specifically, it’s intervention in our country’s politics.

It’s understandable how Gul provoked people with her remarks on Imran Khan’s looks but to respond to someone with the incitement to violence is definitely not better, if it isn’t worse.


Haroon did, however, put out an apology defending his stance, but honestly does this even look like one?

It is all super ironic coming from a personality who gained mainstream fame through a movie which was entirely about a rape survivor seeking revenge. During the Verna promotions, he also said how the Me Too movement was something that needed to be paid more attention to. And then we have this.


And he’s even trying to justify it…


People are outright done with it.


And just don’t understand the need for any of this.


And like what is going on…?

Source: @haroonsmusic / Twitter

While the world is trying hard to fight the entire situation of violence against women and harassment, such casual remarks seem just distasteful if nothing else – and a celebrity like Haroon should obviously know better.

What do you think about the situation? Let us know in the comments.



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