This Pakistani Journalist Has Accused Her Boss Of Harassment And The Internet's Ripping Him Apart

By Lamees Wajahat | 10 Jan, 2017

Journalist Zubaria Jan has spoken out about her ordeal with workplace harassment, alleging that Salman Masood, an editor of a leading English daily, harassed her at work.


She summarized everything in a blog post, that has since been shared generously on social media.

In her post, she narrates that what started out as praise for her work soon turned into her being called into her boss’ office, leaving her wondering about his character. She alleges that Masood would often text her to ask about the gossip in the office, turning their conversations into a tabloid affair.

Whatsapp texts were about anything except their work.

Source: The Feel Project


Soon enough he contacted her, and many others, using the infamous “Saroor Ijaz” twitter account.

Source: The Feel Project

Saroor Ijaz was known to be a liberal basher and misogynist who openly harassed what he considered to be “impressionable pretty” ladies.

Zubaria’s claim is that they are both the same person, based on calls being made from the same number. The typing style and terms of endearment are also the same from both.

His persona carried into his professional life, Salman Masood didn’t spare any of his employees. He made them feel uneasy about their work environment and pitted them against each other for his own entertainment.


Salman Masood denies all the allegations

Source: Twitter


People are supporting and applauding Zubaria for speaking out.

Source: Twitter


The fake Twitter account, Saroor Ijaz, that was used to harass her has become a topic of conversation also

Some are sharing their personal experiences with the fake Saroor Ijaz account


Some people are coming to the realization that fake accounts usually have twisted folks behind them


And this guy’s just sad he missed out on making that account


While there is no conclusion to this case, it does raise important questions for our society.

Where do we stand with work harassment? Countless cases of inappropriate behavior in the workplace take place in Pakistan, many have to stay silent for their safety. Whatever your personal opinion on this particular incident, Zubaria Jan has started the conversation, let’s not kill it.

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