16 Things Pakistanis Can Expect in 2016

By Sarmad Amer | 1 Jan, 2016

Celebrations have been had, fireworks have been video captured, street dancing has been enjoyed and traffic jams have been cursed. With the new year having well and truly arrived, Pakistanis are now looking at the forthcoming 365 days and hoping for new beginnings.

Well, here are a bunch of things that Pakistanis can definitely expect in 2016:


1. Pakistan’s answer to the IPL dominating the airwaves of the cricket-watching population of the world

Source: livepslt20


2. Mahira Khan’s domination of the cinema in Pakistan as well as the rest of the world

Thanks to her high profile Bollywood debut as Shahrukh Khan’s wife in Raees.

Source: reviewit


3. Nawaz Sharif visiting Narendra Modi for his birthday and enjoying some aalo ki bhujia

Source: Zee News


4. Donald Trump NOT being the person that Mr. Sharif will have to congratulate

Source: African News Today


5. Waqar bhai and Qandeel Baloch coming together in a video. Maybe even featuring Mathira in it, too.

BeFunky Collage


6. Our “leaders” hopefully not throwing potty at each other by bringing personal lives into political disputes

Via: Siasat


7. More of Hunger Games: Pakistani Aunty Edition once the lawn season arrives

Via: Express Tribune


8. And aunties going even more crazy at this sight

Source: Masala


9. Pakistani hockey team being a no-show at the 2016 Olympics in Rio for the first time ever.

Source: India


10. Mohammad Amir playing for Pakistan again.

Source: Dawn


11. Meera jee prewposing, porpoising, proposing her name for the slot of Mrs. Khan # 3

Via: Express Tribune


12. The return of Ayesha Mumtaz

Unless her other “assignments” never end.

Source: Punjab Food Authority Via: Twitter


13. More of these guys

BeFunky Collage


14. Hopefully, mercifully, less of this

Source: Xinhua News


15. Nargis Fakhri never again posing on the front page in the Urdu newspapers

Via: Mashable


16. And the people learning tolerance for everyone’s point of views

Source: Dawn

Let the hardliners be themselves, let the liberals have their parties, let’s just respect everyone for who they are even if we don’t agree with their views.

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