Hania Aamir Is Being Accused Of Misbehaving With Fans At This Promotional Event In Lahore

By Iman Zia | 17 Aug, 2018

Hania Aamir is in hot waters once more, this time having been accused by various online blogs of misbehaving at a recent promotional event for her upcoming film ‘Parwaaz Hai Junoon.’ The actress was at KFC for a blogger meet-up in Barkat Market, Lahore along with co-stars Ahad Raza Mir and Hamza Ali Abbasi, where she allegedly displayed rowdy behavior.


Blogger Hasnain Najam took to social media to highlight Hania’s behavior and urging a boycott of her film

His post was picked up by other bloggers on Instagram, who condemned the actress.

#boycotthaniaamir #haniaamir #parwaazhaijunoon @haniaheheofficial @parwaazhaijunoon

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While Hasnain did not explicitly state what happened to him, a fellow Instagram blog ‘@lollywoodz’ stated that she ‘misbehaved with Hasnain & was shouting at waiters too.’ The blog mentioned how she had been blocked by the actress.


‘@lollywoodz’ claimed that the actress ‘shouted at the waiter as he entered when she was busy in [an] interview.’ The video posted below shows Hania getting upset at the waiter coming between shots as Ahad tried to give his interview, possibly triggering the actress.


Another blogger took to defending Hasnain Najam, condemning the actress for disrespecting him and urging her to issue an apology

The page said how hard the ‘blogger community’ works to ‘creat[e] content for celebrities’ and how it’s a ‘thankless job.’ The actress, according to the blog should ‘take responsibility for handling [her] fans’ and bloggers.’

This is so disgusting a misbehave act can't be tolerated, specially when your a public figure, no matter what how much you tired of promotions or whatever the reason is, @hasnainnajam1 is always very kind and genuine, #haniaAmir misbehaviour towards #HasnainNajam (whose also a public figure a blogger) is so low, when you're in public you should take that responsibility of handling your fans media all houses, because that's what your job is, it will be really nice If The Hania Amir comes up with an Apology, and address this issue, The blogger community put so much hardwork creating content for celebrities, promoting them It's always a thankless job but bad behavior and disrespect can't be tolerated, Just to Quote "It is your Attitude toward others and the universe that determines the resulting attitude toward you" Spread love and peace 👌 . . . . . #thestyleforward #haniaAmir #perwazhaijunoon #model #pakistan #bollywood #instafashion #hot #fashionblogger #cool #me #india #potd #lahore #paki #f4f #desi #karachi #islamabad

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However, Hasnain Najam has yet to clarify what exactly happened.

Source: @thestyleforward/Instagram


Source: @thestyleforward/Instagram


Source: @thestyleforward/Instagram


We are waiting for a statement from Hania regarding this.


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