An Attendee Of That Event Is Defending Hania Aamir Against Allegations Of Misbehaving With Fans In Lahore

By Sannia Bilal | 19 Aug, 2018

Recently, Hania Aamir was accused of misbehavior during a promotional interview for ‘Parwaaz Hai Junoon’. The interview was scheduled to take place at KFC in Barkat Market Lahore, where Hania was present along with co-stars, Ahad Raza Mir and Hamza Ali Abbasi.


Following the interview, a blogger took to social media and called for a boycott on Hania Aamir and accused her of misbehavior and a shouting episode at the waiters.

#boycotthaniaamir #haniaamir #parwaazhaijunoon @haniaheheofficial @parwaazhaijunoon

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Meanwhile, we’ve seen another post by a blogger, Imran Asad who said he was also there to interview the cast of ‘PHJ’. He had a different story to tell.

When she see me she says Asalam-o-Alikum "Kaisay hein ap" i replied I'm good ap sunaein? She replied "Bilkul theek" then i said ajaen mujhay interview dein. She humbly came up to the corner with me "where my setup was set for that interview" I was checking up my cameras & mic for that interview while #haniaaamir was eating food. Meanwhile i heard @haniaheheofficial saying my friend @hasnainnajam1 please don't take my pictures. Because she was eating remember? Then my friend & fellow Blogger @hasnainnajam1 replied @haniaheheofficial "Yeh kya baat hue? Hum apka 2.5 (dhai ghantaey) se wait kar rahaey hein aur ap aisay baat kar rahi hein. @haniaheheofficial replied my friend & fellow Blogger #hasnainnajam Excuse me? What? #Hasnain reply the same. "Hum apka dhai ghantay se wait kar rahay hein aisay thori hota hai" then @haniaheheofficial call up her PR Manager and management of the event quoting "WHAT IS GOING ON HERE" @taniachuhan and the management show up and cool down husnain & i Started my interview with #haniahehe and hasnain left!! THIS IS THE EXACT STORY WHAT HAPPENED IN FRONT OF ME & THIS IS NOT MY PERSONAL OPINION. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED THERE AT KFC. And that waiter she didn't even know that was a waiter/ whosoever was that he interrupted that interview which was by my other friend's magazine. @stylemstarshow @stylemmagazine When the waiter showed up she said something idk exactly so i cannot write exactly but she meant what is going on? Interview is going on. Everyone should respect and keep calm & cameras k samney kaisay guzar rahay hein loug? I am not supporting @haniaheheofficial or my friend @hasnainnajam1 .. This is what exactly happened there and i have been watching the posts pta ni kis kis jagha har banday nei different story explain ki hai. I'm a Blogger as well and i thought i should tell my followers what happened yesterday and i have been getting the DM's so here is it! And i still believe hania was humble. Because of the way she always treated. Check my account i know her as a celebrity #Janaan k time se! She is the most humble girl celebrity i know! #PeaceOut #haniahehe #haniaheheofficial #HaniaAamir #haniaAmir #hania #iimranasad Xx

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The caption of the Instagram post presents another side to the whole story.


Furthermore, Imran Asad took to social media to explain that Hania was the one at the receiving end of misbehavior.

He said that, while the cast was willing to have something to eat before starting the interview, his friend and fellow blogger Hasnain Najam was taking their pictures and Hania said ‘Please don’t take my pictures’. To which Hasnain replied ‘Yeh kya baat hui? Hum apka dhai ghantay se wait kar rahay hein aur aap aesay baat kar rai hein?’ (We’ve been waiting for yo for 2.5 hours and this is how you’re talking to us?) In response, Hania called her PR manager and management of the event and said ‘ What is going on here?’

Immediately after, the management allegedly showed up to calm Hania and Hasnain down, after which Hasnain left.



Another accusation claimed that the actress was rude to the waiters and released the following video as proof.


Imran, however, claims that all she said to the waiter was to please be careful while coming in front of the camera during an interview.

Though he mentioned that he doesn’t remember exactly what she said but he said it wasn’t as rude as exclaimed. He further on clarified that he has known the actress for a while and he thinks she was being ‘humble’ even after the treatment she got.

Interestingly, though Hania has remained tight-lipped about this, she shared Imran’s post on her Instagram story. (You can check out her story on Instagram.) This messy debacle seems to keep getting more convoluted. Let’s see if anyone else speaks up.

What do you think about the whole scenario? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Hania Aamir Is Being Accused Of Misbehaving With Fans At This Promotional Event In Lahore


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