Hamza Ali Abbasi’s “Random Thought” About Harassment Is Getting Him Trolled So Badly

By Sarmad Amer | 20 Apr, 2018

After Meesha Shafi’s allegation of sexual harassment against Ali Zafar a very important conversation has started. While the issue between the two celebrities might have become muddied by name-calling, victim-blaming and all the teaming up of people on either side unwilling to understand what actually might have gone, the conversation around sexual harassment that Meesha has started is important because how it allows countless people who have always felt scared of coming forward against their abusers.


Pakistanis all over the internet aren’t hesitating to add their two cents about the situation unfolding between Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar

After Ali’s denial of Meesha’s claims and saying that he will take Ms. Shafi to court, the matter has become contentious. However, more women have been coming forward and confirming that Ali Zafar harassed them too.


Hamza Ali Abbasi, the ever vocal commentator on matters all and sundry, couldn’t contain himself and thus tweeted a “random thought” on the conversation of harassment

Boy, that was rant, if I’ve ever seen one.


Aur Hamza ke saath hua wohi jo sab ko pata hai, he started getting trolled for a rant that sounds like he’s apparently victim-blaming


People were pointing out inconsistencies in Hamza’s argument


And pointing out the hypocrisy in his words and actions


And of course, there were the regular ol’ jokes on helping Hamza understand the matter from a victim’s point of view


Somebody made a very interesting observation about Hamza’s rant


Oh and if you thought Hamza bhai was done, he ended his uhhh…. rant… for now, at least, by adding a plug for a colleague’s film


Wondering of that’s what he wanted to do all along by getting people’s attention? ?

Khair, what do you think about Hamza’s opinion on the matter of harassment, in general? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


This Hilarious Tweet By Hamza Ali Abbasi Is Actually Rather Problematic



Hamza Ali Abbasi Shared His Opinions On Asma Jehangir And Pakistanis Are Like, “Bas Kar De Bhai”


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