LOL, Pakistanis Are Making Memes About Farhan Saeed Replacing Hamza Ali Abbasi In Imran Khan's Dil

By Ramsha Bhatti | 28 Jun, 2018

Hamza Ali Abbasi has been wooing millions with top notch work and pissing people off with his blatant political reviews and ideologies. The man has overtly been supporting PTI, the consequence of which were numerous photos of Hamza and Imran Khan standing shoulder to shoulder with each other.


However, as per Twitter, all may not be well for Hamza Ali Abbasi.


Recently, Farhan Saeed was seen shoulder to shoulder with IK.

Friendship over with Hamza, now Farhan is my new friend?

Via Twitter

Farhan just landed a singing gig with PTI and Twitter went crazy.


People are ALL FOR this collab.


While people were happy about the collab, a theory surfaced. 

Many believe that Farhan may have replaced Hamza, giving the latter much to be upset about. This theory would have died down eventually. But we live in the age of memes. Which is why, obviously, it’s been immortalized through some priceless gems.


There were memes like the following.

(On a serious note – suicide isn’t something to be joked about, guys. Come on.)


Not gonna lie, that caption had me LOLing pretty bad!


We feel it too.


Okay, but can everybody stop making fun of my Pyaray Afzal?!

Via Giphy

Hamza’s internal feelings were also brought to the public’s attention.


And then stepped in Hamza’s arch-rival, Reham Khan.

^The collab we need. Are we ready, though? Time will tell.


In the end, all of these are memes and everything is good between Hamza and Farhan.


Also, great work with the memes. Keep them rolling in; they’re hilarious!

Via Giphy

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments!


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