I Tried Halal Red Wine In Lahore And I Think I've Found My New Love

By Sinwan Zahid | 5 Jun, 2018

If you’re confused about the concept of halal wine, you’re not the only one. I wouldn’t blame you if you thought I was bluffing. But upon discovering that the filet mignon steak at SCAFE in Lahore was made with halal wine, there was no way I would not try it out. After all, all the fancy people in those food documentaries seem to be having copious amounts of red wine with their steaks.

halal red wine filet mignon scafe lahore
Source: MangoBaaz

No, it most certainly isn’t HARAM waali red wine

It’s actually HALAL certified and a proper business for some people. In conversation with Shehryar, one of the partners at SCAFE, he tells me in a very matter of fact manner that restaurants in places like Dubai and Doha that serve a lot of international audience along with locals, who are mostly Muslims, need to make their steaks (even other food that requires wine) and that can’t happen without good wine. Hence halal red wine is used in all such restaurants and not the haram wine. A little research shows that halal wine producers have a valid HALAL certification like this one here.

halal red wine scafe lahore mangobaaz hungerist
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Are people hesitant to order it?

Well, it really depends from person to person, but mostly younger people are more curious to try it out. They’re more open to the idea of trying something, even if the name WINE is associated with it; what that implies, well I’m not really sure. Older people tend to be distrustful and regardless of the halal certification, aren’t in favor of trying it. Some even get offended as to why there isn’t a different name for it. But I appreciate how it clearly states under the filet mignon in the menu that it will contain halal red wine, hence responsible on SCAFE‘s part.

halal red wine scafe lahore mangobaaz hungerist
Source: MangoBaaz

How do they make the wine, though?

According to Mr. Shehryar and also winetalk.com.my, non-alcoholic red wine is made using actual alcoholic wine. After that, it goes through a process where the alcohol is removed through a reverse osmosis after which it is chilled to a very low level and passed through filters. And voila! You have a wine that will NOT get you intoxicated and will taste like actual wine if you have a liking for it. How you got that liking is none of our business…


Who makes the wines and where do they get it?

A lot of such wine is produced for the Gulf countries hence it’s simply imported. If non-alcoholic champagne can be produced, why not good quality halal wine? And if that doesn’t do it for you, you can also get THROW IN 24K EDIBLE GOLD.

halal red wine halal white wine scafe lahore hungerist mangobaaz
Source: Lootah Premium Foods


No, the halal red wine doesn’t taste like red grape juice at all

Not that I knew what exactly to expect or what to look for when it comes to wine but I’m sure everyone thinks of red grape juice looking at it. Take my word for it, it was far from grape juice. In reality, it was a bit bitter and sour. Still happy I got to try it out and that it wasn’t all an elaborate prank!

halal red wine scafe lahore mangobaaz hungerist
Source: MangoBaaz

Thanks to SCAFE for the lovely food and the wine 😀

Happy eating!!!


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