This Guy Put Bacon Over Halal Food At A Store To Offend Muslims But The Internet Is SAVAGELY Trolling Him

By Sajeer Shaikh | 23 May, 2017

Muslims sure do love their halal food, there’s no doubt about that. After all that is the only kind of food that can be consumed by Muslims.


So, a while back this picture of a “patriot” draping bacon over halal food started doing the rounds recently, he did it to try and offend Muslims out of his country

The world has become, increasingly, a place of violence and hatred. Particularly, America, which was once a land of freedom and liberty that everyone aspired toward, has seen incidents of intolerance and bigotry toward minorities, especially Muslims. So this gentleman’s actions came as no surprise, but was actually surprising and equally heartening was the reaction the world had to his photograph.

Source: @AwkwardMuslim/Twitter

As expected, the internet reacted to this senseless act. However, the reactions weren’t exactly what one would expect, especially from a post that is aiming to incite hatred.


Some people chose to point out simple facts


Many people had more issues with the spelling error that was made


Seriously, a lot of people had this issue


Like, A LOT


They ridiculed the idea of bacon being “Muslim Kryptonite”


Someone pointed out how this rebel without a cause lacked common sense


A new term was coined – haramify


Pictorial depictions were shared


Someone has completely different reservations altogether


While someone else pointed out how Muslims really couldn’t give two shits about bacon on wrapped halal meat


Some people went Boston Legal on his ass


Someone pointed out this possible encounter that we wish had transpired


However, our collective feelings were summed up in this tweet


Undoubtedly, it’s unfortunate that people choose to be this petty and take out their anger on Muslims in such absurd ways. However, it’s refreshing to see that Muslims can take a distasteful situation, find humor in that as well and turn it around on the perpetrator. That’s exactly the kind of positivity we need to have now, anyway. Because let’s face it – an eye for an eye definitely makes the world blind.


Update: An earlier version stated that this incident may have happened in the USA, this may not have been the case therefore mention of this incident happening in the USA has been removed.

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