13 Struggles You Know Only If You're A Hairy Guy In Pakistan

By Arslan Athar | 23 Aug, 2016

Only a hairy guy can truly feel these hairy guy problems

People are born in all sorts of shapes and sizes and also in differing levels of hairiness. Some of us are ‘blessed’ with a lot of hair, everywhere. It comes with its pros and cons, but mostly its cons. If you’re a hairy dude you know these things to be true:


Every hairy guy knows that chain watches are a pain

You love chain watches but unfortunately they won’t love you back. The hair forest on your arm gets caught in the little gaps in the chain and tugs at your hair. It is painful, it hurts that something you love so much can give you so much pain.

Source: Tumblr


People notice your hair

There is always going to be that one person who will have something about your hairiness. It’s really bad when they stay stuff like, “wow that’s a lot of hair”. Yeah I know, it’s on my body. Mind your own business, thank you.

Source: New Line Cinema


Stuff gets stuck everywhere

Person:”Chawal khaye aaj lunch mein

You:”Yeah, how do you know?”

*person points to chawal on your arm and chest hair*

You might want to go to a cave and die.

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment


Selfies expose everything

If you’re the one taking the selfie, then your out-stretched hairy arm will be front and center. It’s as if all you see is hair, hair, some more hair and then a few faces.

Source: Chase Films


Shorts are not your friends

It’s hot outside and pants just don’t cut it sometimes. But shorts are pretty revealing. So you’ve got to decide if you want to flaunt them legs or not. Ab mohaul ko zyada hot tou nahin karna chahiye.

Source: United Plankton Pictures


You attract a lot of ‘static’

It’s as if the law of physics hates us. Hairy people are more susceptible to accumulating static charge, leading to more of those random bijli ke jhatkay you get.

Via: Giphy


SHEDDING. And lot’s of it!

Some people along with being hairy also have hair fall. All it takes is a little itch and tiny hair start raining all over the place. It’s like you’re leaving a little part of yourself everywhere you go.

Source: Tumblr


Chest hair doesn’t like being hidden.

The annoying thing about chest hair is that it doesn’t stay in. Button up till the top most button and guess what, no luck. They still show up, mocking your efforts to conceal them. Why must they be so cruel?


More hair = More Maintenance

Not the good type of maintenance. Extra hair means extra scrubbing and making sure all the sweat remnants and other general yucky-ness. Basically cleaning up is no easy task 🙁

Source: Shiny Toy Guns


Suggestions to get the laser hair removal are thrown your way

Your internal monologue while they detail the procedure would sound something like this, ‘Super happy for you now hairless male relative but this is not for me. KBye’

Source: Sadia Jabbar Productions


Your friends (and also, mean strangers) make fun of your pagal hair scene

You may want to curl up into a little ball and cry but don’t. That’s the last thing you want to do. Shame the haters away. They’re just jealous.


Bandages don’t really work

For a bandage to work it needs to have contact with your skin. When you’re hairy, they may not always happen!


You always need to shave

Source: Apatow Productions

With all that said and done, you find your comfort with being hairy and learn to block out the unnecessary voices. May you and your baal be happy forever 🙂




Cover Image via: Tekden Film

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