Hadiqa Kiani Just Reminded Everyone That She Received The ‘Tamgha E Imtiaz' Before Mehwish Hayat

By Sannia Bilal | 14 Mar, 2019

Hadiqa Kiani gave Mehwish some important advice. 


We’re all well aware of the fact that Mehwish Hayat will be awarded the ‘Tamgha E Imtiaz’ along with a few others this year. This came as a revelation to many and people seemed to be having trouble trying to gulp that one down their throats.

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So first thing’s first, let’s talk about what ‘Tamgh e Imtiaz’ (Medal Of Excellence) really is.

This award is an honorable badge that is given by the state to any civilian or military officer who has been of great service to the country based on their achievements. It is also quite interesting to acknowledge that this award can also be bestowed to any foreigner who has been of great service to the nation. So yeah, Eva Zu Beck could have been considered too.

Khair, this is what it looks like.

Source: Wikipedia.org

In wasn’t long until Mehwish took to Twitter to show her pride and gratitude for being considered and honored.


So the Twitter folks kinda flipped.

They seemed quite confused.


They even shared weird clips to prove their point.

Matlab ke, kya?

But some were proud of her and congratulated her.


Among all this ruckus, a previous holder of the honorable award, Hadiqa Kiani jumped in to give the actress some ‘advice’.

In her post on Instagram, the ‘Mehrma’ singer said that she was bestowed with this honor back in 2006 and it was tough back then to dodge the judgmental eyes. She said that she has continued to work for her own country ever-since but believes that instead of moving forward, our country has become more hateful and less understanding.  Referring to the current situation on social media, she added that she can’t imagine being given such honor in this age of scrutiny and cyberbullying.

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I received my Tamgha-e-Imtiaz in 2006. It was an incredible moment for me, I remember feeling so overwhelmed – my country, my Pakistan, had recognized my love for it. I have continued to work in Pakistan and FOR Pakistan despite the criticism and sexist/aegist rhetoric against me but it seems every year our country gets more and more hateful and less understanding? I cannot imagine being honored with the highest civilian award in the time of social media – the scrutiny, the cyber bullying, it’s just awful. Why can’t we steer clear of spreading hate, we’re all guilty of being judgmental at times but why spread hate when you can spread love and tolerance and appreciation for your fellow countrymen. Appreciate the good work our people are involved in and encourage the good work, look past the hate. Build a more united country 🙏🏼

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So people had prompt replies to her post.

The thread was filled with praises, because well, who doesn’t love Hadiqa Kiani?

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This girl thought we should pay a little more attention to the message Hadiqa Kiani is trying to send.

Source: Instagram/HadiqaKianiOfficial


Some might think that this was an attempt to steal Hayat’s thunder but what we need to realize here is the fact that we spend too much time being resentful towards someone else’s achievements and honor while we can use that time to work hard and make a better future for ourselves. Mehwish Hayat has been representing our country as an actor, model, and singer. She has worked on great projects and continues to be a maestro. Its easy to sit behind a keyboard and mock someone, its harder to be out there, doing something useful.

So yeah, live and let live. Peace!

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