This Gym In Lahore Is Helping Street Children Learn To Protect Themselves And Turn Their Lives Around, At The Same Time

By Momina Mindeel | 29 Jun, 2017

A gym in Lahore is helping street children turn their lives around in a healthy and extremely positive way.


“The kids usually come in on their own. Word is out in Charar pind about the academy and so kids who have an interest in sports will show up on their own,” says Bashir Ahmed, the brains behind the Mixed Martial Arts Gym, located in Charar pind, a relatively low income neighborhood near the posh DHA.

“At the same time, if we ever encounter a kid in daily life who we feel could benefit from Shaheen, we guide them. Many a beggar child have I sent to Shaheen to check it out. Some have stayed some haven’t,” said Bashir.


Bashir Ahmed, the most accomplished Pakistani MMA fighter, started Shaheen gym in Lahore to help street children learn fighting skills so they’re able to turn their lives around

Bashir made a name for himself internationally when he made his debut in ONE Championship by fighting Shannon Wiratchai at ONE Championship: Kings and Champions on April 5, 2013.

Source: Shaheen Gym


Classes are free for all students and the children get to learn fighting skills, sweat it out and have fun in a safe environment

Source: Shaheen Gym

“Shaheen MMA caters to the community of Charar pind as well as those who want an affordable place to train, with good coaching and a proper facility fully equipped with an international standard MMA cage, wrestling mats and bags, with a focus on both fitness, self-defense and martial arts training and preparation to become a fighter. Promising students from here are promised a chance to be trained on a full scholarship at Synergy MMA Academy,” tells the marketing executive Faryal Maryam Tareen.


Here’s a message from the folks at Shaheen Gym

Help the kids of Shaheen

Have Martial Arts helped you in your life? If you believe in the power of martial arts, and believe it can help these kids – please donate and spread the message. If every view got a 50 cent or 50 PKR Donation we would reach our target. For more info or to donate go to direct bank deposit – Askari Bank 0640100017566#helpshaheenkids

Posted by Bashir Ahmad on Donnerstag, 8. Juni 2017


Bashir said he returned to Pakistan, after living most of his life abroad, specifically for creating sports related opportunities for everyday folks

“The idea was mine, and it was a long time coming. I didn’t come to Pakistan to start or run a business. I came to Pakistan to start a sports revolution, and I did that. When I created Synergy, it was to give everyone an opportunity to train and to learn about MMA. As I got more settled and needed an income, the more of a commercial venture Synergy became and I sort of lost touch with my roots. I didn’t like seeing people who wanted to train but couldn’t afford training get told that they had to go elsewhere. For that reason I made Shaheen. I wanted a place everyone could afford to train and more importantly, a place where kids could have a place to go and get off the street.”

Source: Shaheen Gym

Bashir’s commercial venture, Synergy MMA Gym, has successfully managed to generate enthusiasm within Lahoris

“The gym has not been around long enough to have any one compete internationally. It will take a few years, however, when one kid makes it out. It’s going to set off a firestorm of kids coming in because they know see evidence of their being a real opportunity. It’s the same as when I first had my ONEFC fight and won. It got all the other fighters motivated and hungry. However, we do have a success story and that success story is a kid named Abu Bakr, who is on a path to success. He has gone from being a mediocre student at a mediocre school to graduating to a better school and showing leadership skills and discipline,” says Bashir Ahmed.
Source: Shaheen Gym
“In ten years, some of these kids may be the worlds top MMA fighters. I’m in this for the long haul and I look forward to seeing the changes in these kids lives,” says Bashir.

If you wish to contribute to helping sustain Shaheen, you can find out more about donating opportunities here.


Cover Image Via: Shaheen Gym 

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