A Guy In Lahore's Been Running Around Town And People Are Going Crazy Trying To Figure Out Who He Is

By Sarah Babar | 11 Feb, 2017

We love rare sightings. Be it UFOs, celebrities, PSL final in Lahore, yahoodi saazishein, and what not.

So amidst all the PSL frenzy this past week, we noticed there was something else as well. A few celebrities started going a little cray cray after spotting some londa jumping off ceilings through Androon Shehr. There was a red-hooded figure (and a very nice figure, by the way hubba hubba), running around the city, ‘training’, climbing up scaffoldings, jumping from one building to the next. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed. He was no Jack The Ripper, but he was definitely ripped.

Farhan ‘Hocane’ Saeed was impressed with the mystery man jumping from building to building

Parkour being practised in Lahore, Pakistan? Cheers for this guy in Red Hoodie. ?

A photo posted by Farhan Saeed (@farhan_saeed) on

The missus also spotted the same guy, flitting across town

Spotted this guy climbing a building in Lahore, and couldn't help but admire his energy! ???

A photo posted by URWA Tul Wusqua HOCANE (@urwatistic) on

As did her pyaari behna

Looks like Mehreen Syed’s daughter also spotted the same guy :/

And it wasn’t just actors or singers as ace designer Faraz Manan was also drawn in

The hooded figure didn’t really stop his training for and at nothing

And neither did the confusion.

Seems like androon Lahore got their own mystery guy in a Red Hoodie running around. Who could it be?

A photo posted by Minal Khan (@minalkhan.official) on

Side question: yeh saaray aik hee time per Androon mein thay???

Anways…back to the red hooded londa.

These celebrities weren’t the only ones curious about who this mystery man was

People tried to figure out all the possibilities but alas, the mystery remained.

Per ye hai kaun?!

So what I think, so far, is that the guy has to be fit because

a) We don’t have that many ‘fit’ men in Pakistan

b) Jitne bhi physically fit log hain woh sub Dubai beithe hain

And there’s only a handful of fit Pakistani men I can think of, right now

There’s Ahmed ‘Wolverine’ Mujtaba, Bashir Ahmed, Uloomi Karim, and Amir  Khan. And I have a very very strong feeling that it’s Amir Khan.

Just a reminder, here’s what Amir Khan looks like (okay I don’t need to do this but I just need an excuse to post this photo)

Source: Boxing News

And then look at this video from Faraz Manan

Notice the haircut, body frame, walking style???

Pakka Amir Khan hai, case closed.

Okay we’re not 100% sure but look at this:

And then this…

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