The Government Of Pakistan Asked What The Country's National Sweet Is And People Have The Most Hilarious Responses

By Zainab Ali | 1 Jan, 2019

Twitter is the ultimate trolling platform for all kinds of trolling, drama and feuds. It does not spare anyone, not Momina Mustehsan for her Ko Ko Korina nor Imran Khan on his foot-in-the-mouth moments. It’s almost as if these people on Twitter have nothing better to do than wait to attack, at just the perfect moment, at things that we might not ever find meme-worthy. Something similar happened with the Government of Pakistan.


The Government of Pakistan just asked on a twitter poll what Pakistan’s national sweet is.

I actually logged in just to vote and see what most people had voted for, and turns out my opinion was with the majority’s. Oh, sweet yummy Gulab Jamun.

Source: @pid_gov / Twitter


However, Pakistanis, being Pakistanis, didn’t let this tweet go after simply just voting for it. They trolled the hell out of it

Like talking about national sweets that are probably sweet, just not in taste 😏


A lot of people thought of the same thing actually


Loans and aids were also discussed


What’s sweeter than handsome men so people also shared some handsome sweet treats 💦💦


Some even made their own polls completely irrelevant to the actual question, but kinda funny nonetheless


Some didn’t even realize we, the nation of meat lovers, had a national sweet

Same girl, same.

I feel like the government genuinely means well when it makes un-political statements or asks questions like these, but hum hain Pakistani hum tou troll karein gay.

In all seriousness, I really hope the Government of Pakistan tells us what our country’s national sweet is because I am actually curious now. Which do you think it is?


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