Government And Media Silent As Mob Demolished Ahmaddiya Prayer Place In Sialkot

By Aam Nawab | 24 May, 2018

The holy month of Ramazan cannot go by without several diligent Muslims of Pakistan trying to save the religion of Islam. This either happens when they beat up a 60-year-old Hindu man for eating publically or when they feel the need to attack an Ahmaddiya prayer place.


Last night, a religiously charged crowd attacked an Ahmaddiya prayer place in the city of Sialkot

It happened in the late hours of the night and the mob was lead by Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) candidate Hafiz Hamid Raza.

What is even more intriguing is the incident taking place in the month of Ramazan; a month in which Muslims are advised to be more patient and accepting to maintain the sanctity of the month. But these Muslims choose to be the saviors of a religion that needs no saving.

The prayer place dates back to the 1860s

A video has surfaced online in which we can see Hafiz Hamid Raza declaring how proud he is of the act

He thanks members of extremist organizations in helping them demolish the prayer place. According to him, people of varying belief systems are not allowed to have minarets at their prayer places.

Pakistan Sunni Tehreek has tweeted a sorry justification for the act. It is the classic excuse used by angry mobs in Pakistan

It is a pity that people only feel the need to take “corrective measures” when they want to justify extremist actions.

However what’s even more problematic is the silence of the media and the government bodies

Many called took to Twitter to call out the relevant authorities but no action was taken

Mainstream publications are shying away from reporting the incident while it is being picked up by international media




Who is to blame for this deafening silence?

A minority, already persecuted and living in fear of their lives, is being targeted again and again. Who is to protect them against these vile persons misusing the religious sentiments to wreak havoc in the lives of peaceful individuals? Why is everyone silent and when will we own how we mistreat the minorities of this country?

Here are some Pakistanis with thoughts that might push you to realize how unsafe the society is for people of varying belief systems

Let’s play our part and not push this under the rug? People in this country need to be held accountable for their actions!

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