Racist Trolls Are Viciously Attacking The First Pakistani To Win Masterchef UK With Online Abuse

By Hurmat Riaz | 14 May, 2017

Meet Saliha Mehmood-Ahmed.

A British born Pakistani, living in Watford, England. A doctor by profession, and a contestant in Masterchef UK.

Source: @salihacooks Via: Instagram

Having roots in the Kashmiri culture of Pakistan, Saliha thought to cook desi food in the competition by giving them a Western ring and luckily and also due to her skills, she managed to win it!


Yes! SHE DID!  ???

That paracetamol joke, though. A desi through and through, I see.


She might have thought that if Manish Diyal’s character in the “Hundred Foot Journey” can make his way up by cooking Indian food, she can also make the goras happy but boy, was she wrong. 

Though she won the competition, she wasn’t able to win the hearts of goras because according to them, a chef cannot win by just cooking plain, old saalan.


And racist trolls online are not having it


There are SO MANY curry averse folks:


Guess they just don’t like to spice up their life


Some racists thought Saliha’s Pakistani heritage meant she’s going to open a curry house


Kacha goshat? Umm no, we are not savages.


Okay. So he just boycotted Masterchef because Saliha won

But all this racism against Saliha only cooking “curry” led to interesting observations about tolerance in the UK


Not everyone was a hater, though.

Like this funny guy, jesting away:


And this kind soul who seems to think (and we agree) that Saliha is a total wonderwoman.


And this fella who understands that gastronomical pleasures have NO boundaries:


Of course, the desis are happy that Pakistanis are going places


 And everyone else in the world is equally in awe of your achievement, Saliha


So, don’t let the racist goras get you down, Saliha. We are so happy/excited/hashtag blessed, despite our tummies being in knots after seeing the beautiful food you served.

What do you guys think of Saliha, her east meets west cuisine and the big win? Let us know in the comments below.

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