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13 Uplifting Lollywood Songs From The 60’s You Absolutely NEED To Hear If You’re In Love

13 Uplifting Lollywood Songs From The 60’s You Absolutely NEED To Hear If You’re In Love

The 60s were glorious. While internationally we had the rise of the hipster revolution, with your flower power buses riding through with bombastic hippies redefining liberalism and a universal rise in a flamboyant counter-revolution, back on home ground, the 1960s were also the golden age for Lollywood. With the tremendous ascent of cinema transitioning slowly into color, the 60s were witness to the rise of chocolate boy Waheed Murad, and pioneering artists Sohail Rana and Ahmed Rushdi. It was a dazzling time for Pakistani cinema before the dizzying downfall under the Zia-ul-Haq regime. Let us relish in all the gloriously uplifting honeyed Lollywood songs that will illustriously remind you about love, pyaar, and a certain number of butterflies fluttering around in your abdomen. Their sugary melodies are breathtaking, with an upbeatness about them that remind us not of the torturous, feverish nights spent in angst; rather the flowery, daydream-esque side to it all.

Love is meant to serve as a celebration, never as pain – and these 15 songs will remind you of precisely that!


1. ‘Sham Savere Nain’ | Kausar Parveen

From the film, ‘Wadah.’


2. ‘Akelay Na Jaana’ | Ahmed Rushdi

From the film ‘Armaan.’


3. ‘Ae Baharon Gawa Rehna’ | Mala and Ahmed Rushdi

From the film ‘Saiqa.’


4. ‘Mujhay Tumse Mohabbat Hai’ | Najma Niazi and Ahmed Rushdi

From the film ‘Heera Aur Pathar’


5. ‘Jan-e-Bahar Jan-e-Tamana Tum Hi To Ho’ | Ahmed Rushdi

From the film ‘Insaniyat.’


6. ‘Ae Badalon Ke Rahi’ | Zubaida Khanum

From the film ‘Raat Ke Rahi.’


7. ‘Ho Tamana Aur Kya’ | Noor Jehan

From the film ‘Aisa Bhi Hota Hai.’


8. ‘Yeh Sama Moh Ka Karwan’ | Mala and Masood Rana

From the film ‘Chand Aur Chandni.’


9. ‘Tumhi Ho Mehboob Meray’ | Irene Parveen

From the film ‘Aina.’


10. ‘Kabhi To Tum Ko Yaad Aainge’ | Ahmed Rushdi

From the film ‘Chakori.’


11. ‘Shab-e-Mehtab’ | Iqbal Bano

From the film ‘Ayaz.’


12. ‘Chanda Tori Chaandni Main’ | Naseem Begum

From the film ‘Baaji.’


13. ‘Kab Tak Raho Gay Aakhir Yun Dorr Dorr Hum Say’ | Kausar Parveen

From the film ‘Choti Begum.’


Do you have any favorites from the golden age of Pakistani cinema? Let us know in the comments below!

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