Forget Harry And Meghan, Everyone's STILL Going Shamelessly Tharki Over David Beckham At The Royal Wedding

By Sarmad Amer | 20 May, 2018

David Beckham is football star and model but he’s also the tharak for many young women, gay men and a whole lot of straight men, too. His fashion, his hairstyles, his clothes and even the way he glares are copied by people all around the world. There’s just something about Mr. Beckham that keeps the fans coming back for more.


So, David Beckham was a guest at the recent Royal Wedding, alongside his wife Victoria Beckham

There had been speculation leading up to the wedding day regarding who the attendees will be and of course, the Beckhams did make the guest list because they’re apparently close the royal family, especially Princes Harry and William. They had earlier been invited to Prince William’s wedding also.

Source: Gareth Fuller / WPA Pool / Getty Images


Now, the wedding itself was a huge fairy tale ceremony with millions of people glued to their screens all around the world

Source: WPA Pool / Getty Images


But you can forget the lovely royal couple because most eyes (and hearts) were stuck on one David Beckham

The man had got people of all ages and proclivities fixating over him from the minute he appeared on TV screens, arriving for the royal wedding at St. George’s Chapel.


There was clear understanding that Mr. Beckham may have upstaged the groom at the wedding


Some even say he outshone his own wife


His appearance has awakened some beasts within people

… and we’re not complaining.


Others have been comparing him with bizarre things

Is this comparison supposed to say he’s attractive?


People also noticed his kindness in action with him taking the time to greet the guards at the wedding

(That’s not the actual David Beckham’s Twitter, just some random faker but focus on the video)


Many have taken him to be complete style inspiration


And for everyone who’s looking to copy David’s style this one has a message for all such Beckham inspired boys


But you can’t help it, it’s David fucking Beckham, after all


More than 24 hours after he appeared at the royal wedding, people are still not over David Beckham




What did you think about David Beckham at the royal wedding yesterday?



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