Here Is Why Y'all Should Start Watching Drama “Khasara” RIGHT Now

By Sarah Babar | 3 May, 2018

Drama “Khasara” has been a fine journey so far, even though it is only 4 episodes in. The show has had us thinking what’s going to happen, and we’re already pretty invested in the lives of the main characters. Starting off, Mikaal Zulfiqar plays Mohtasim who’s married to Linta, played by Sarwat Gillani. The couple is shown to be well off, Linta, especially, likes flaunting her money around and has an air about herself.


On the flip side, we are introduced to the lives of Moonis (Junaid Khan) and Sila (Sonia Mishal) who, albeit are a middle class family, are extremely extremely content with their lives

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We see the struggle that Moonis has to make every day in order to keep his family fed and happy. He work in the Railways and his wife is a stay-at-home mum of two.


Mohstasim and Moonis grew up together in a small village called Ranipur

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While Mohstasim made it out, to Karachi, and made a name for himself and his business, Moonis stayed back and chose to live a humble life.


In the very first episode, we are introduced to Mohtasim’s extra marital affair with his personal assistant, Aarzoo

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This affair turns Linta into an always suspecting woman, who feels the need to keep an eye on her husband at all time. She has eyes and ears on him and she frequently tells her husband to fire her, which he keeps putting off. It turns out that all of Mohstasim’s wealth is courtesy of Linta. It was her father who invested in his company and that is why he has made it where he is. Mohtasim and his personal assistant have planned a journey to his village in order to look at land for a new factory Linta is not having any of it and says she’s coming with, spoiling their plans of getting away from the city and being together. In order to placate his wife, Mohtasim calls Moonis and tells him that he will be staying over at their’s, as far away as possible from Aarzoo. We also begin to see another angle, between Sila and Mohstasim. But it’s mostly just Sila imagining things in her head, while Moonis and co are visiting Karachi, because well, Mohtasim is charming and a little too good looking (here’s look at you, Mikaal!)


Okay, on to the reasons why y’all should start watching the show

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First of all, you absolutely canNOT tell where this story is going. But in a good way. It always keeps you at the edge of your seat. The two parallel families don’t seem to cross paths, but then they do, all of a sudden. We still don’t know what the tangent with Sila’s best friend is going to be, because at the moment, she’s prettyyy involved in Sila’s life, but we still don’t know how all these stories are going to overlap.


Secondly, it shows women in a very strong and progressive light

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While Aarzoo is shown to be a woman who knows exactly what she wants and know how to get to where she wants to be, Linta is not taking any shit with her husband cheating on her. She’s just not having it, one bit. She gets Mohtasim to fire Aarzoo. And stands her ground every single time that she is faced with this situation. On the other hand, Areeba, Sila’s friend, is shown to be the sole breadwinner of her family, while her husband sits at home and does nothing.


It also shows how people should learn how to be content with what they have and to live within their means

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And Moonis is a very good example of doing just that


So, are you convinced? Let us know in the comments below.


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