7 Tips To Help You Get-Up Early & Get Going

By Zehra Batool | 16 Dec, 2022

Are you struggling to start your day early? Here are some tips to make the transition easier if you want to be one of the early birds: Get-Up Early

1. Gradually increase your alarm time to get-up early

Get-Up Early
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For a week, set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier each day, gradually increasing the time to your desired setting. Try going to bed a little earlier to make it simpler and prevent feeling exhausted when you wake up.

2. Keep yourself motivated

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It shouldn’t feel like a chore to get up early, and if it does, you’ll be less driven to do it. Use the extra time to accomplish something that makes you happy, like starting a project earlier so you can finish your workday in time to go out with friends, or taking advantage of a morning yoga or meditation session you never get time for.

3. Treat yourself

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If reminding yourself of the benefits of rising early is not enough, there’s always self-bribery. Think about it: You’ll have time to check your clothes twice before leaving or stopping at your favorite coffee shop.

4. Leave your bedroom

Get-Up early and leave your bed
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Staying in bed after waking up can entice you to go back to sleep, which could cause you to be late or make you feel really sluggish. You can thwart that urge by leaving your bedroom.

5. Limit your exposure to blue light before going to bed

Limit your usage of phone before going to sleep if you want to get-up early
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While blue light can keep you awake throughout the day, staying away from it two to three hours before bed can help you relax and prepare for sleep. So it’s recommended to turn the screens off before bed.

6. Enjoy a morning lie-in every once in a while Get-Up Early

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Take the strain off of yourself on days when you need to stay in bed a little longer, like when you are unwell or have had a late night. It’s okay.

7. Avoid large meals and spicy foods late at night Get-Up Early

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Overeating at dinner or going to bed too full might upset the stomach which is unlikely to help you sleep well.



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