15 Genuinely Fool Proof Ways To Get Out Of A Really Bad First Date

By Sarah Babar | 18 May, 2017

We’ve all been there. There’s no shame in it. Sometimes you have to go see someone, especially if a friend’s set you up. It could even be you scouting out your perspective¬†rishta.¬†But what happens when everything blows up and you¬†need¬†a way out- an escape route. So, before things go completely downhill, you need to get out, right? For your sanity and theirs, right? Also, it doesn’t make you a very bad person if you do. Just saying. So, here I am, here to help, so you can get out of that bad first date. Doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl, we’ve all been there, bub. It’s okay.


1. Have a backup plan before you go

Just know what to do in case things don’t go well. Keep reading for more pro (lol) tips.

Source: Done and Done Productions


2. Call a fake family emergency

You could always fake a random burglary at your place. One that requires you to get back home ASAP.

Source: Waqt News


3. Spill coffee on yourself, run to the bathroom to clean it and just leave

But please, make sure it isn’t hot. Because then not only will you leave with awkward memories of the date, but also with 3rd-degree burns.

Via: Tumblr


4. Get a friend to call and pretend to be your mom

You know that one call we all get? The one where our mothers yell at us to get back home? Yep. Fake that one. Nobody will question you.

Source: Oriental Films


5. Get a friend to rush in and take you out as if something bad happened

Jaldi bhaago Wahab ki taang toot gayi, should ideally do the trick.

Source: Dharma Productions


6. Act like a total asshole and be the worst possible person ever

Don’t be an ass to the waiter, though. But pretend to have issues with everything. The lights, the food, the conversation.

Source: Rajshri Productions Pvt. Ltd.


7. Act obnoxious

Or you could just sit, pick your nose, your ears, the meat out of your teeth. Chances are, they won’t stick around for very long.

Source: Tiger Aspect Productions


8. Display your worst habits ever

Anger, irritability, irrationality, lack of logic, these would ideally work.

Source: 8ate.blogspot.com


9. Pretend to get sick suddenly and leave

Throwing a tantrum gets you bonus points.

Source: Dharma Productions


10. Find a topic to argue with your date about

If he strongly believes in, say, the current government, become the biggest supporter of the opposition.

Source: MangoBaaz


11. Tell her it won’t work out in the future so this is pointless

Get straight to it. You don’t see it working out? Say it. It’s honestly better for both of you.

Source: starworld.startv.in


12. Tell her/him you have explosive diarrhea

People usually get disgusted by bowel-related issues

Source: MangoBaaz


13.¬†Tell them¬†about your very “personal”¬†problems that just began

And watch them panic. Always fun.

Source: Pradeep Guha


14.¬†Pretend like your¬†Abba ji’s¬†friends are also at the same restaurant

Abort abort abort!

Source: Florian_Fuerst66 / Reddit


15. Or you know, you could just be honest

You could always tell them if you’re awkward or if you can see y’all don’t click at all.

Source: Hum Network Limited


Have you had any bad first date experiences? Tell us in the comments below.



Cover image via: 7th Sky Entertainment

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