German Ambassador Martin Kobler Is Leaving Pakistan But People Want To Put Him On The ECL

By Rameeza Ahmad | 9 Apr, 2019

Martin Kobler, tussi ja rahay ho? Tussi na jao. 


It is rare that an ambassador makes such a huge impression on the people of the country he is serving in. But Martin Kobler has clearly made a permanent place in the hearts of Pakistanis during his two years here. But alas, it is time for him to bid farewell to Pakistan.


German Ambassador Martin Kobler shared a final video message dressed in a beautiful black sherwani 

His message was for the people of Pakistan, thanking them for making his stay in the country wonderful.

In his farewell message, Kobler mentioned that his next time in Pakistan would be as a tourist and not as an ambassador.

He is clearly emotional about his tenure as the German ambassador ending as well. Honestly, even I am getting emotional. In the last two years, Martin Kobler has not just embraced Pakistani culture but celebrated it. He showed genuine concern for Pakistan’s issues and urged Pakistanis to correct them. One of the issues he focused on was pollution and regularly talked about it on his social media.


Mr. Kobler has endeared himself to Pakistanis by giving his own tips on everything

Like how to live a more eco-friendly life


And his love for Pakistan has been evident throughout his stay

He made most of his time in Pakistan by visiting all the areas he could, from Skardu in the North to Multan in the South; he explored and admired the beauty of our country fully.


People of Pakistan love him so much that they want to put him on the Exit Control List

And now that it’s time to bid him farewell, Pakistanis are understandably upset at having to say goodbye. To the point that they are asking the government to put Martin Kobler’s name on the ECL.

I mean the sentiment is sweet guys, but putting him on the ECL would be like holding him hostage and wouldn’t exactly do good for whatever relations Pakistan has with Germany. Look, we had to say goodbye to him at some point, and I am glad that we’re doing it on such a positive note.

And Mr. Kobler, you know you can return anytime and you’ll always be warmly welcomed by the people of Pakistan.



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Cover Image Source: @KoblerinPAK / Twitter

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