Gautam Gambhir Is Getting Massively Trolled For Asking India To Boycott Pakistan In The World Cup

By Noor | 21 Mar, 2019


So, we all know about the post-Pulwama attack happenings, right? Since then both the countries are witnessing another low in their relationship. Well, a lot of hate has been spewed by the Indian celebrities across the border and among this lot, the most prominent name is of Gautam Gambhir. The cricketer eagerly promotes the anti-Pakistan narrative and is famous for his vitriolic attacks on Pakistan.

Recently, BCCI was reportedly ‘considering’ to send a letter to the ICC demanding Pakistan to be barred from the upcoming World Cup 2019 in England.

It was being said that if ICC acts against the wishes of BCCI then India might consider withdrawing from the tournament itself. In response to the Indo-Pak controversy, Richardson, CEO of ICC, clearly stated that ALL the teams have signed a participation agreement which requires them to participate in ALL the matches thus in case of non-compliance,  the points will be awarded to the other team.

Like many others in Indian celebrities, Gautam Gambhir reiterated the stance of BCCI by asserting that India SHOULD boycott the upcoming world cup match against Pakistan


He added to his statement by saying that Indo-Pak match should be boycotted even if it causes the Indian team to lag behind from two points or a spot in finals. He went on to say that soldiers are more important than cricket points. The cricketer concluded by saying that the entire country should support the Indian cricket team in this particular decision.

Here’s a short clip:

This statement by Gambhir has naturally hurt the sentiments of the cricket fans who have urged the cricketer to spread peace

A few even suggested the cricketer stay silent if he cannot really contribute to the regional peace

The statement was seen as an illogical and irrational stance

People accused the cricketer of fanning the flames in an already critical situation

Pakistani cricketers were appreciated for their professional approach towards an international game

People praised the Pakistani cricketers for not politicizing the game.

A few rightly pointed out this all might lead to the isolation of India

A few light-hearted chaaye mentions were made and the people didn’t forget to troll the cricketer

People clearly said that the cricketer is promoting hate speech and is politicizing the game.

They even said that the post-retirement, irrational statements by Gambhir are an embarrassment to the Indian nation.

Memes were made as an attempt to defuse the tensions.

Source: @mirzalalbaig/Twitter

Sports in particular cricket has the ability to bring people together and unite communities, Unfortunately Indian cricketers are undermining this fact and are all set to ‘boycott’ the match.

What are your thoughts regarding this issue? Let us know in the comments below.


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