These Guys In Lahore Successfully Gatecrashed A Wedding And Live Tweeted Their Epic Adventure Like A Boss

By Mehwish A. W. | 24 Dec, 2018

Shaadi season has officially arrived in Pakistan, which means now people around you will be getting married left, right, and centre. And usually, this means that you get dozens of invites to wedding events and dance parties. Sometimes, you even get 2 or 3 invitations for a day and you are like sub ne ek hi din shadi rakhni thi!

Source: ARY Films

However, if you aren’t lucky enough to get any invitation, these two desi boys showed us all that it isn’t really a problem.

Source: @RightArmFastt Via Twitter

Wondering what they did? Well, they gatecrashed a wedding in Gulberg last night just for fun. And they pulled it off pretty well too, waisay.


They did a little roleplaying, because why not.

One of them took on the role of a UK based tax consultant and the other became a UAE based contractor. And, they went as far as changing their appearances, because role ki requirement thi! After getting nicely dressed, they tweeted about it before they went for it.

Let’s just say they were successful.

Oh, and they kept us updated about it too!

And then came the most important update! The khaana.

Source: Vinod Chopra Films

They were kind enough to fill us in on the menu.

However, people aren’t satisfied with JUST this ballsy attempt. Nah, the Twitterverse wishes they would have taken a photo with the bride and groom too or would have been present in the official photographer’s pictures to make it more fun.

These guys were lucky enough that nobody really asked too many questions. The fact that dinner started as soon as they entered the venue really helped their case too. So, now you know how to dress up and at what time you should go if you intend to gatecrash a wedding.

Have you ever gatecrashed a wedding? Have you been caught or were able to pull if off like these guys? Let us know!

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Cover image via @RightArmFastt / Twitter

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