Froggy Just Tried On The Ring That Sham Was Going To Propose To Her With And Like, Enough Already

By Biya Haq | 16 Oct, 2018

If you aren’t bored to DEATH by Sham and Froggy’s content yet, you have come to the right place. Though their videos are literally everything that is wrong with the Internet, they have slowly gotten us all quite addicted to their lives.

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS Via YouTube

The Internet is a cruel cruel place.

And if you haven’t been watching their mind-numbing videos lately, here’s an update.

Sham proposed to Froggy (ABOUT TIME) and Froggy rejected him real quick (ALSO ABOUT TIME.)

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS Via YouTube

It was all pretty emotional and the natural (staged) proposal had everyone on the edge of their seats to see if the happy YouTube couple could ever make it. Froggy also revealed that since their car accident earlier this year, some kind of mass has been growing in her brain. And unfortunately, her doctors have not been able to state what the mass is.

Yet despite all the ups and downs, in the name of content and views, Sham and Froggy have not stopped making their videos.

In their latest vlog, Froggy tried on the engagement ring that she happened to ‘find’ on Sham’s desk.

MIND YOU, this is the same ring he bought to propose to her with. Like, lmao, that’s gotta be awkward. For him. Not us. Super entertaining for us.

Froggy claimed she was trying on the ring to check if he even got the right size and a couple of seconds later changed her excuse to ‘had to check something.’ Hunni, just say you wanted to put the rock on.

Anyway, the rest of the video was basically just Sham doing his usual annoying antics of walking around his house and flipping his camera 200 miles per hour on his white friend and Froggy. So basically every single video of his ever.

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS Via YouTube

Apologies if ya’ll are Sham fans. Despite my commentary, I have slowly been sucked into his world and for some reason, I am eager to see what will happen next.

What do you think? Will Froggy one day try on the ring, forever? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: Sham Idrees VLOGS Via YouTube

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