FREE FIRE PAKISTAN LEAGUE officially entered the group stage – The First ever official eSports League of Free Fire Pakistan

By MangoBaaz Studio | 20 Jan, 2021

The line-up for the Free Fire Pakistan League Group Stage is now completed, with all 18 spots confirmed.

Not long after the presence of 2 representatives from Pakistan, House of Blood and Team TG at FFCS Asia, Garena announced the first official Esports and aslo the most advanced level tournament of Free Fire Pakistan under the name: Free Fire Pakistan League (FFPL). 

Source: Garena

FFPL will be held in early 2021 with a total prize up to 2.4 million PKR, the biggest prize pool ever since of Free Fire Pakistan.

Source: Garena

FFPL consists of 5 phases and takes place in 6 cities: Hyderabad, Islamabad, Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore, Multan.

Source: Garena

Group stage will take place over 12 days/ 6 weeks with 18 strongest teams from 6 cities, the first competition week is set to kick off at 6 PM 23 & 24 January this weekend. The 12 strongest teams in the Group Stage will win tickets to the FFPL Grand Final scheduled to take place on March 14th.

Source: Garena

Through many difficulties, the champion of FFCS Pakistan qualifier – House Of blood still got the ticket to return to the group stage in a situation that seemed to have no hope. By contrast, Team TG was easily made it with the perfect results and is the most potential team of this FFPL season. FFPL promises to be a booming season for Esports Free Fire in particular and the Pakistani esports industry in general.

Source: Garena

The FFPL will apply the same competition rules and scoring system as international tournaments. The winning team will receive a prize of 1.2 million PKR and have the opportunity to participate in International-Tournaments of Free Fire in the future.

Source: Garena

Yes, you heard that right! With more than 800 million players worldwide and the winning awards of Esports Mobile Game Of The Year according to the evaluation category of the prestigious organization – Esports Awards 2020, Free Fire has already made quite a name in the hardcore gaming arena and this just takes it to the next level.

Source: Garena

The group stage of FFPL will be broadcasted on the channels of Free Fire Pakistan. All the latest information about the tournament will be updated on the Free Fire Esports Pakistan fanpage, stay tuned!


Cover image via: Garena

This post is sponsored by Free Fire Pakistan

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