Who Is This Foreign Actor And Why Is He All Over Pakistan Right Now?

By Arslan Athar | 7 Apr, 2017

So, there’s this foreign actor who’s being seen all over our social media these days.

Kent is in Karachi already! #kentsleung #kentsleungCTSpromotour

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Have you been wondering who he is, too?


He’s particularly very buddy bud with Syra and Shehroz

Source: somethinghaute.com


So here’s everything we could dig up on this foreigner who’s been hobnobbing with our Pakistani celebrities

Kent S Leung is a Chinese – Canadian actor who’s co-starring with Syra Shahroz in the upcoming movie ‘Chalay Thay Saath’. The movie looks incredibly promising, and the trailer will give you all sorts of wanderlust.

The Chalay Thay Saath is currently going around the country to promote their movie, and the person that seems to be having the most fun ever is Kent! He’s eating all sort of crazy khana, visiting some of the coolest places and meeting the legends and big wigs of our film industry.


He started off with this adorable message 

I hope you're ready for me Pakistan cause here I come! #chalaythaysaath #kentleung

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Syra showed him some great Pakistani hospitality as soon as he got here


He even got to go to a Pakistani shaadi

Boy oh boy does he carry that ajrak well, or what?


And after eating all that shaadi khana he worked out with Adeel Hussain

(I literally work out alone, what is my life)


With Bridal Couture Week happening it was a no brainer that Kent would feature on the catwalk, too

BTS videos were made, and so much was happening that Kent just couldn’t keep up.



(PS Syra looks quite done with life. Girl, we get you)


Despite all that exertion earlier, they looked so adorable together once they did walk on the runway, finally

Aww you guys!


Another day. Another gym. Another celebrity gym partner.


Oh and this video of TV mom Shamim Hilali going full on desi ammi on Kent and his ‘bed head’ is so cute

Shamim Hilali, we love you <3


Phir Syra’s own screen romance met her real life romance


And they got along super well. Maybe even too well…

You know that feeling when you introduce two really close friends of yours and they become even closer friends, and you’re left alone. Syra, we’re with you no matter what, don’t let these boys bring you down.


Like almost every Pakistani, who’s been to Karachi, ever, he fell in love with Dolmen Mall


And the poor thing learned the hard way how spicy we like our food


Well, he’s clearly winning hearts with THIS photo

He’s causing waves in the rishta aunty world

So as you can see Kent is having a whirlwind tour of Pakistan and he’s loving every moment of it. Also Kent, jinne Lahore nahin dekhiye wo jumiya nahin. So come quick!


Cover Photo via: Kent S Leung/ Instagram

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