17 Things ONLY A Football Lover In Pakistan Will Be Able To Relate To

By MangoBaaz Studio | 4 Apr, 2017

Being a football lover in a country where cricket has the biggest fan following is hard. Not only do you get called a “burger”at times your sporting choices by some, you have to constantly deal with people telling you your club is lame (sorry Arsenal fans), you’re supporting a team that isn’t even your own, you will never be able to play like Neymar and that your affiliation with football is just a “phase”.

Here are a few things ONLY a football lover in Pakistan will be able to relate to:


1. When you’re watching the match and there’s that sudden and unexpected load shedding.

Source: Comedy Central

Well, unless UPS ya Generator pe TV chalta hai.


2. Most of your teenage and adult life revolves around your parents’ saying,  “har waqt football hee kheltay/dekhtay rehtay ho, iska koi faida nai”

Source: Giphy

3. You’ve had to hear this far too often than you’d like:“bhai ye team Pakistan ki nai hai, kyun support kertay ho?

Source: Deenga

4. On the field, you and almost everyone else has tried to be Neymar, Messi or Ronaldo.

Agar skills naheen, toh hair style toh banta hai.

Source: Giphy

But hey, if you think you have what it takes to be Neymar Jr, sign up your team now and you could soon be playing on Neymar Jr’s home turf. Unless you’re just all talk and no action…


5. The late night matches that make you puffy eyed and tired for work/school the next morning.

6. The club banter that you do in person and online when your team wins against another gives you a sense of fullfilment.


7. The ban on Indian satellite Dish TV had you worried.

Especially thanks to the below average streaming speed here :/

8. You’ve felt the pain of trying to watch football on PTV Sports when Dr. Nauman Niaz takes up all the screen time.

Source: Youtube

9. You know the struggle of finding the cheapest pirated football jerseys after a thorough market search because Pakistan mein rehnay ka yeh faida toh hai.

Source: Defense.pk

Challenge accepted!

10. You start to use British slang such as “stoked” while local people think you’re a total wannabe.

11. You know the ordeal of dealing with the end of the season matches and your O&A level exam prep at the same time.


12. You pick up fancy injury names and try to apply them on yourself like “strained hamstring, ligament damage, metatarsal injury” even when you have nothing of the sort.

Source: TV Land

13. You’ve had to deal with some Football fans that learn the club anthem just to show that they’re better supporters.

Source: Deenga

14. You get annoyed by that one friend who goes: “mein EPL mein Chelsea, La Liga mein Barcelona, German league mein Bayern aur Italian League mein Juventus ko support kerta houn

Source: Deenga

15. You might break out in football celebrations at random moments.

Source: Giphy

16. You’ve gotten into an argument or two with your significant other because they legit think FIFA ruins relationships.

Source: Deenga

17. But on the flipside, you know you have strong feelings for your significant other when you text them during an important match or an intense game of FIFA.

Source: Deenga


So how much do you really love football?

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So, what are you waiting for?

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