People Are Disgusted By This Pakistani Photo Shoot For Its Portrayal Of “Foot Fetish”

By Owais Bin Asad | 20 Dec, 2018

The internet is a wonderful place. From viral videos to memes, you can find literally anything on the internet. But the most interesting phenomenon is the one where people outrage over something that it becomes viral. Something similar appears to have happened with this new photo shoot for a shoe brand.


This photo shoot has been going around because it portrays foot fetish, domination and BDSM and people are angry because of the domestic violence and abuse that exists in Pakistan against women already

So, it was no surprise that when fashion choreographer Yasser Abdul Aziz Dar posted his latest project titled GLITCH on his Instagram, people had something to say.


The project was shot by photographer Alee Hassan and had models Anam Malik and Sadaf Kanwal.

Logo ko mauka chahye tha.


Comedian Ali Gul Pir posted about this sharing his concerns, in a sarcastic manner, of course


Even though his take on the whole issue was satirical, people started criticizing the pictures for their “demeaning” and “disrespectful” nature.

Source: @Aligulpir / Facebook


A lot of the comments were directed against feminists, because in some twisted imagination they thought it was in some way a funny thing that should trigger them

Source: @Aligulpir / Facebook
Source: @Aligulpir / Facebook
Source: @Aligulpir / Facebook


Others interpreted it “violence against women”.

Source: @Aligulpir / Facebook


We spoke to Ali Gul Pir about his thoughts on the shoot

He said, “my fans keep sending me photos of fashion shoots since I’m a comedian and I joke about fashion and usually they aren’t Pakistani. This one turned out to Pakistani and I was pretty surprised that something like this could be done here.”


When asked about the nature of the shoot he shared,  I’m all for whatever fetish anyone has but in a country like ours where women are subjected to such inequality we should really be thinking hard before promoting such kind of shoots that could hurt them further, given our culture. Fashion is free and I’m a comedian but this might be a little too much for Pakistan.”

Discussing any fetish is a taboo in Pakistani culture. Of course, people do have fetishes for different things but they never open up about it because sexuality is such a repressed topic in our culture.

While we may not be as open-minded to accept such ideas right now, there’s no reason why things that are unacceptable today will become the norm tomorrow. But until that happens, maybe a civilized discussion on how far we’re pushing the boundaries for acceptability in our society would be a good way to go over such a thing. What do you think? Do you think such a photo shoot should be done and do you support the idea behind the pictures? Let us know in the comments.


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