We Went To An Exclusive Event With Celebrities And Got To Eat Your Favorite Food

By MangoBaaz Studio | 17 Dec, 2017

What happens when you put all the best food from all over Pakistan in one room?

Yup, it gets pretty lit.

7UP just hosted their annual foodie’s heaven event, ‘Foodies Without Borders’ in Lahore last night and things GOT YUMMY. Bringing in delicious dishes from all over Pakistan including,

Nathia Gali’s Patakha Chicken.

Bombay Sweet’s Halva Puri from Gujranwala.

Karachi’s Burns Road ke Bun Kebab.

And our very own Bhaiyya Kebab from Lahore.

Suffice to say, Sarah and I were completely stuffed and extremely satisfied with the extreme eating we couldn’t help ourselves from doing. These were just a FEW of the dishes, btw.

Oh, and these dishes weren’t being recreated. Oh no, friends, these specialties were actually BROUGHT in for the event.

Source: Deenga

Oh yeah. When they said #FoodiesWithoutBorders, they MEANT it.

Besides having an absolute insane spread of the most fantastic delicacies of our country, the whole event was a star-studded affair. Apart from us of course, hehe. (Jk not famous just hungry).

We ran into our favorite funny guy, Khalid

The beautiful Anushay

Our favorite Battle of the Bands boys, Kashmir


Annnnd many many more ~

After eating our hearts out and oohing and aahing at all the celebrities, we ended the night by dancing away to the sounds of Kashmir and our all-time favorites,

Josh ~

SO all in all, we came to the conclusion that there is NO ONE who does food better than us. From the north to the south, east to west – it’s a done deal, Pakistanis do it the best.

This post has been made in partnership with 7UP.

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