We Saw The First Episode Of Saba Qamar's Baaghi And It's Just As Good As Expected

By Iman Zia | 28 Jul, 2017

One word to describe the first episode of Baaghi? Brilliant – it was absolutely brilliant. Saba Qamar has literally ignited an inferno, and it’s only the start. The biopic, inspired by contentious social media star Qandeel Baloch has at long last raised its curtains on television after months of hushed excitement crackling Pakistan’s entertainment industry – and it did not disappoint in the slightest.


Warning – spoilers ahead!


Baaghi‘s first episode dawns with Fouzia, played by Saba Qamar who shimmers as the valiant and fearless protagonist

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Before Qandeel, there was Fouzia – a plucky character who isn’t the least bit deterred by harboring such a vivacious personality that unfortunately doesn’t quite fit in the small village she lives in. As her character unravels, we’re embraced with a warm, unapologetic and kind girl who’s gloriously family-orientated, with her touching closeness with her younger brother and sister incredibly heartfelt.


Our favorite scene of the episode promptly arrives at a local shaadi, whereby Fouzia relishes in a zealous dance

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As party goers look on in an appalling manner, Fouzia isn’t swayed

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Saba Qamar is incredible – in a barely 40-minute segment, the actress has managed to display comedy, fearlessness tangled with crisp dialogues, all bound with an exuding confidence as she dips her toes into Qandeel Baloch

On her way back from a wedding, Fouzia and her younger sister are confronted by a few men who hurl demonizing taunts her way. Her response is magnificent – she cuts him off as she bellows out a ‘my name is Fouzia, remember this face.’

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Her father is played by Irfan Khoosat, and Sarmad Khoosat plays Fouzia’s brother

While her father’s nature is yet to reveal, her brother’s chauvinist trait has been imprinted, with his dictatorial and at one point, abusive nature. How his character unfolds is something to look out for, and his inevitable meddling in Qandeel’s ultimate downfall.

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Fouzia is a palette of unfettering emotion – another endearing moment pops up when she’s informed that a shop just opened with imported maal from Dubai

Her happiness is toxic, and her delight peaks when she’s told there’s plenty of makeup.

Source: Paragon Production


It is at this point we’re introduced to the second protagonist, Ali Kazmi who is the shop seller

It’s love at first sight for Ali’s character, who immediately falls for Fouzia as she enthusiastically tries on some lipstick.

Source: Paragon Production


And while she’s oblivious at first, his flattery after they spark up a conversation seeps into her

Source: Paragon Production

Discrepancies might surface as the drama takes charge, what with the family giving Baaghi writers ‘creative liberty‘ however, the leeway cracking between the truth and Baaghi‘s inspired rendition of Qandeel’s life might not be too profound – after all, it is a drama. Nonetheless, only time will tell.


Missed the episode? Watch it here below

For those who’ve seen the episode, what did you think?


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